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iOS 3 & 4 Announcement

We love to create and provide Bible content and technology for everyone, but sometimes technology must move on to support newer devices. With the next release of our app, version 5.2, we will no longer be able to support older Apple devices including the 1st generation iPhone, the iPhone 3G, and the 1st and 2nd generation iPod touch. We would have liked to continue supporting older devices, but with the release of the iPhone 5, Apple has updated their developer tool kit. With these new tools, we cannot support the older Apple devices and operating systems while still building new features and releasing new updates. This also means we will not be able to support any device running iOS 3 or 4. Any device not on the above list running iOS 3 or 4 should upgrade to iOS 5 or later to continue to receive app updates. At this time we will support iOS 5 & 6 and any later updates to Apple’s iOS.

What This Means for You

If you have one of the older devices I mentioned or you’re still running iOS 3 or 4, you will not be able to update to the newest versions of our app. You should also be very careful when syncing your older device to iTunes that you do not update your Olive Tree app inside iTunes. Updating the app and syncing it to your older device through iTunes will delete the app off of your older device. If you have multiple devices, you will no longer be able to sync with your older device. You should still be able to run the app on your device and keep your current library, but any new features will not be available.

The Good News

You can still use the Olive Tree app as long as you don’t update or sync your app through iTunes. But the really good news is that Olive Tree is working on some really exciting updates to the Bible Study app. With the 5.2 release, we have revamped our in-app store and done a lot of work in the background to pave the way for features like reading plan sync and automatic downloads. We’ve done our best to continue supporting older devices with older tools, but now we can focus on the up and coming features that are going to make our app the best possible app for Bible study.

How The Bible Study App Helps Me Be More Patient

Waiting in line is the pits. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone exclaim, “Yes! This line is incredibly long, I’m going to be here forever!” so I’m going to assume that no one likes waiting in line. Having recently gotten married, I had the unfortunate pleasure of waiting in some of the most notoriously long lines, including the county courthouse, the DMV, the Social Security Office and my bank, so I know a thing or two about waiting in line.

Waiting in line

I’m generally not a very patient person and I find that I get less and less patient while standing in line for something. I realized that my impatience was becoming a problem when I found myself diving in and out of lines at the grocery store trying to (more…)

Check Your Oil!

When my parents were visiting recently, I reluctantly told them over a Saturday morning pancake breakfast that I hadn’t had my car’s oil changed since June when I last saw them. I couldn’t articulate a good reason why I hadn’t. Well, I’ve just been busy. I don’t know where to go to get my oil changed in Spokane. My car’s mileage isn’t that far above the marker for when I should have had it changed.

Unfortunately, my parents are too smart for excuses. As soon as the breakfast dishes were in the dishwasher, we drove to a local car shop where my car had had some repair work the year before. When we discovered the shop wasn’t open on Saturdays, my parents made me promise that I would call and make an appointment, which I did a week and a half later.

After work one day this week, I drove to the shop and feigned confidence as I told them what work I wanted on my car: “I’d like an oil change and a general checkup before the winter.” (more…)

Speak Up for Marriage

“Congratulations! But, I gotta tell you, marriage is really hard.” This was the response my friend gave me when I told her I was getting married. My brother responded to the news with a grim, “Wow, are you sure you want to get married?” In an attempt to make sure I was taking my wedding seriously, my well-meaning friends and family overly prepared me for the trials of marriage. Meanwhile, on the other side of my wedding day, the joy I’ve experienced in my relationship has caught me almost off guard.

In the last year you’ve probably read or seen something in the news about marriage: a new study showing a decrease in the marriage rate, a movie glorifying an affair, a splashy celebrity divorce. Maybe it’s my pessimism talking, but most of the stuff I’ve seen on marriage hasn’t been positive. By the time I was approaching my own wedding, all of the talk and images surrounding marriage left me terrified and depressed. How could anyone get married and stay married, and why would they want to? Going into premarital counseling, I had this idea that marriage was going to be hard, horrible at times, and the biggest trial of my life, and I know I didn’t come up with those thoughts (more…)

I Believe, Help My Unbelief!

Last week we heard about author Andrea Palpant Dilley’s struggles with faith and doubt that eventually led her to leave the church in her twenties. Through God’s grace and the faithfulness of friends and family, Andrea returned to the church and recognized that doubt has a place even and perhaps especially inside the walls of the church.

Today, Andrea gives insight into how individuals and churches can help those who doubt and explains how doubt has enriched her life. Catch the first part of the interview here.

I believe, Help my unbelief. Throughout the process of your leaving and returning to the church, what role did your family and close friends play? How can those with a close friend or family member struggling with doubt be helpful?

During my own faith crisis, people gave me space to pray that “prayer of unbelief.” My dad sat on the couch and talked with me about my doubts. College professors took me out to coffee. Friends listened to my questions without giving cheap, easy answers. They modeled the church at its best – a place of stark honesty and shared pilgrimage.

For those of you who have a close friend or family member struggling with doubt, here are a few thoughts:


  1. Spend time listening. Take their questions seriously. Pilgrim with them. Feel free to share your opposing views, but do so in a gracious, peaceful (rather than antagonistic) spirit. (more…)

Top 5 Features in The Bible Study App

I teased you last week with some exciting new features that are making their way to The Bible Study App, but I realized that everyone might not know about all the great features already available in our app. Here are my top 5 favorite features:

1. The Resource Guide

This is hands down the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in a Bible study app. While I’m reading the Bible, I can open the Resource Guide in the split window to see cross references, study Bible notes, maps, topics and more that are all related to my current reading. As I continue to read, the Resource Guide tracks with me and updates the material to match the Scripture I’m reading.

Resource Guide

2. Search

I’m not very good at remembering verse references and often find myself asking things like, “Where is that verse about the mustard seed?” Instead of flipping through the Bible or searching through an index, I can tap (more…)

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