By Olive Tree employee: Harold Coleman

For Christmas, the Android team at Olive Tree gave us a wonderful gift: reading plans that sync between devices! My wife has been using a reading plan on her iPad for the past year and now I have the opportunity to use reading plans on my Android tablet and phone.

I can find the reading plan by choosing the My Stuff and scrolling to the bottom of the list. On my Tablet, My Stuff is the briefcase at the top of the screen. On my phone, you can find My Stuff through the menu button near the bottom of the phone. For my S3 phone, I have to touch the bottom area to see the menu icon display. I chose the Life Journal reading plan because I get both Old and New Testament and can read through the New Testament twice in the year. I named the plan 2013 and then set it as the default reading plan. Now it is available at the top of the list as ‘Reading Plans in Progress’. Though one plan is enough for now, I see how I can add another plan, such as the Advent plan next Christmas season.

The reading plan  is easy to use by selecting it out of My Stuff, tapping my plan named 2013 and touching the Start/Continue Reading button. I’m taken to the reading for the day in the Old Testament. When I finish reading this section, I see a button below this portion of reading that takes me to the next section, which is in the New Testament for the first few days, but will be in Psalms later and in the New Testament by the seventh day. At the end of the New Testament reading the “Done” button finishes the reading, and I will be ready to start the next day.

What is nice is that I can just finish the Old Testament reading and touch the button to continue, then I stop reading for the morning. If I sync my tablet Bible+ app from the My Stuff list, I can continue the reading on my phone during a break at work by syncing my phone Bible+ app and choosing Continue Reading from the Reading Plan screen. It is so easy I might keep this New Year’s resolution to read through the Bible, or extend it slightly into 2014. The benefits are obvious in getting to know God’s Word, drawing closer to Him, and find His direction and plan for each day, month, and year.

Thanks to Olive Tree’s Android team for giving me a great start to the New Year!