We’ve heard many of you request a Night Reading Mode for The Bible Study App. We do hear your requests and our teams are always at work implementing new features across all of the platforms our App runs on. While we don’t currently have a night reading mode, there is a bit of a work around for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) that can give you a very similar experience. It’s called inverting your colors and it’s as easy as three clicks of a button.

Try this:

  1. Go to (iOS) Settings > General
  2. Tap ‘Accessibility’ and then go to ‘Triple Click‘ options
  3. Under ‘Triple Click Home‘ select ‘Invert Colors’

Now launch The Olive Tree Bible Study App.
Quickly click the home button 3 times and the colors will invert for an experience very similar to a night reading mode. Click the button 3 times to return to normal colors.