At Olive Tree there are a lot of people who combine their gifts, passion, and expertise to make The Bible Study App what it is and also vision what it will become. One of the really important teams is currently made up of a group of eight individuals that we call Content Craftsman, who are responsible for making sure all of our resources are formatted and work with The Bible Study App. I recently sat down with Kathy Watts who is the Content Craftsman team leader to learn a bit more about what they do.old books

Andrew: How long have you been with Olive Tree and what’s your background?

Kathy: I’ve been with Olive Tree for 3 years and my background is in Library and Information Science.

Andrew: What exactly is a Content Craftsman?

Kathy: Being a Content Craftsman is more than just converting text to work with our software. It’s making the information accessible, visually pleasing, and crafting the presentation of it in a way that makes it easy to understand. Because of how digital information is presented we now have the ability to visually communicate it in creative ways.

Andrew: What are some of the steps involved in the process?

Kathy: One of the great things about the Content Craftsman team is that we have people with varying backgrounds and strengths such as computer science, original languages like Greek and Hebrew, and web design. As a result they each have their own way of tackling a project and creating the navigation within the resource and making it to work within The Bible Study App.

The challenge is to think how people interact with the text, understand the resource itself, and then how to get it to work with our App.

Andrew: What does the future look like?

Kathy: With the accessibility of digital information most people experience information overload. How Bible software organizes that information is important and we want to help people find what they want quickly and easily so there’s no impediment to study. Historically a lot of deeper study material was really only accessible to scholars and pastors. There are fewer gate keepers to Biblical resources than there’s ever been and so the opportunity to equip everyone is really exciting!