The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible is an incredible five-volume study resource with contributions from dozens of top scholars. With such a variety of scholarship the reader can be assured of of a well-rounded perspective on significant issues relating to doctrines, themes, and biblical interpretation.

The goal of this robust resource is to provide pastors, teachers, students, and devoted Bible readers a comprehensive and reliable library of information.

  • More than 7,500 articles alphabetically arranged for easy reference, containing vital information on Bible lands and people.
  • Hundreds of  illustrations, charts, graphs and maps for ready reference.
  • Scholarly articles ranging across the entire spectrum of theological and biblical topics, backed by the most current body of archaeological research.
  • 238 contributors from around the world.

Here’s how this great resource looks within The Bible Study App:


Easily navigate to key sections

zonervan encyclopedia 1

Search articles alphabetically by topic

zondervan encycylopedia2

Great images and illustrations

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