There are a lot of great features under My Stuff in The Bible Study App that help you organize and keep track of what you’re learning. Among all the great options under My Stuff one common question is, “What is the difference between Bookmarks and Book Ribbons?”

booksmarks and bookribbons

A Book Ribbon functions just like it sounds. It’s simply a marker placed at a specific spot in a book such as a Bible, Commentary, or eBook. You can place a Book Ribbon where ever you are by simply tapping the Book Ribbon in the upper right.

book ribbon 1Once you’ve placed a book ribbon you can access it later by tapping the Book Ribbon section in My Stuff.

A Bookmark has a lot more functionality than a Book Ribbon. Bookmarks can have a custom name, be linked to a tag, or put in a specific category. Just like Book Ribbons your Bookmarks can be accessed under My Stuff.

To add a Bookmark tap the verse number or tap and hold a word (except Android) in the text, then select Bookmark.