Olive Tree Bible Software just released the 5.4.0 version of The Bible Study App for Android devices. Besides some design tweaks there was one major new feature: Background Sync

background sync
What is Background Sync?

If you have The Bible Study App on multiple devices then you already know that the ability to sync your notes, highlights, bookmarks, and reading plans between devices is a great feature. In the past if you were using The Bible Study App on your laptop and forgot to hit the sync button, your current annotations wouldn’t be available on your other device. Background sync now takes care of that problem.

As long as you are signed into your free Olive Tree account, The Bible Study App will now automatically sync all of your notes, highlights, reading plans, etc. To see when the last automatic sync happened just tap on the My Stuff icon and look at the bottom of the window. (See image right) You still have option to manually sync by simply tapping the sync button.

What about if I don’t want automatic sync turned on?

To change your sync settings tap Settings>Advanced Settings> Sync Settings

You’ll then see two options. You can uncheck ‘Auto-sync’ (on by default) and only sync manually or you can leave it checked and never have to think about it.

If you’re concerned about your data plan you can also check WiFi only (off by default). Doing this will only allow The Bible Study App to automatically sync when connected to a WiFi network. Leaving it unchecked allows automatic sync to happen on both a cellular connection or WiFi.

background sync1