By Olive Tree Developer: Adam H.

screenshot_11112013_163007I’m glad to finally share that we have updated the Bible+ Windows Store app for Windows 8.1. A lot has improved in this version taking it much more powerful for studying the Bible.
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More Resources

The Store app now supports the full range of Olive Tree resources that were not previously available for the Windows App. This includes Strong’s Bibles with popups, parsed Greek & Hebrew texts, and other original language resources.

Resource Guide

The Resource Guide is my favorite feature in Olive Tree’s apps. It even had me, an avid fan of Microsoft, once considering an iPad. I had a lot of fun building out this feature into the Store app, and pray that it only increases your enjoyment of God’s word.

What about Windows 8?

This latest app update will only run on the newly released Windows 8.1. While we typically don’t drop such recent versions of operating systems from our development support, there are a number of things that Microsoft enabled in Windows 8.1 that made it almost necessary to offer a great experience with this update. On top of that, Windows 8.1 is a free update. The most important additions that Windows 8.1 include are:

1. Multiple window sizes. You might have noticed some apps in Windows 8.1 appear narrow, no matter the size you’ve given them. Only by targeting 8.1 can we actually use all of that space, greatly increasing the usefulness of Resource Guide.

2. ListView improvements. For a complete Resource Guide experience, we had written a lot of custom list code that never seemed to work quite right. Microsoft enhanced the lists to meet our needs and we are now able to use the (much faster) built in versions.

You may be thinking…screenshot_11112013_163110

It has been a while since our last update, and I’m sure you may have questions about what’s next. I encourage you to ask! Developing this app has progressed very differently than our other platforms like iOS and Android, and there are some good, technical answers as to why.