It’s hard to let the reality of something that you’re so familiar with wash over you anew.
If, like me, you’ve grown up hearing the story of Christmas, seeing it’s imagery year after year, and hearing it’s story told and retold, the birth of Jesus can easily lose it’s earth shaking impact. But there has never been a more significant event in the history of the world. It’s a story that demands being told, sung, and shouted to all the world at all times. If you’re sick of hearing it then you may not fully understand it.

It’s a story of the all powerful God coming near to his creation in the form of a baby. Centuries of prophecies being fulfilled through the birth pains of a woman. The worldwide curse would soon see it’s undoing as this baby would grow into a boy, a man, and then become an all atoning and perfect sacrifice. The course of not just history but eternity would never be the same

So how do we recapture the awe and mystery of the glorious event of Christ’s birth that we remember every December?

Tell it again in January.
But don’t stop there.
Keep telling it in February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November.
Then scream it out even louder over the commercial and cultural noise of December.

That wonderful, mysterious night over 2000 years ago caused shepherds to leave their sheep. start a years long journey for wise men from foreign countries, and it should evoke a similar response in our hearts today.

What does the birth of Jesus cause you to leave behind?

What journey has it caused you to set out on?

As we remember anew the significance of that night I pray that the wonder, mystery, and majesty would stir our hearts as it has done in those of who have responded to it for generations.

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