Look Inside: Study Bible Notes in The App

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Study Bible Notes are a great resource for those wanting to go deeper in their study of the Bible. Watch the short video below to see how they look and work in The Bible Study App.

Go Here to See Study Bibles Available for The Bible Study App


  • Edward Pearse says:

    This is all good and fine, but when will Olive tree recognize the existence of the Nokia Microsoft smartphones? First you dumped Blackberry, now you ignore Nokia-W8 phones, I miss my Bible Reader.

  • Marg Opp says:

    Having this video would have been a help, if it worked. What’s with offering the video and not having it available? Please fix this.

  • Hallidaygood says:

    Please olive bible note can not be steady as soon as you touch any part of the bible it disappears. Then you have to open it afresh. Please how can it be steady like Tecarta Bible.

  • Dominick Issi says:

    So … I’m attempting to login to my Bible App account (3 Jul 11:49P) and I’m getting an error message. This login problem happens TOO MANY times throughout the week. Do you think you might find a more reliable server so that it would DROP logins LESS frequently? Inquiring minds …

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