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People often ask me “what sets Olive Tree’s Bible Study App apart?” Although it’s hard for me to narrow down, here are my favorite features of The Bible Study App (Screenshots are taken from an iPad 2.  Click for a larger view)

1. Split Window

The split window has many functions. While reading in the main window, I can open the Resource Guide (see below), another translation, a study Bible, or even take notes as I read the text. I love being able to take sermon notes while in church on Sunday. I can have my main window open to the passage and take notes in the split window. Before, I had to do a balancing act with my Bible in one hand and my notepad in another, trying to keep everything in place while flipping back and forth in the Bible along with the sermon. Now my Bible and notes are all easily managed in one hand.  As a bonus, any Scripture References become hyperlinks that I can tap to pop up that passage.


2. The Resource Guide

By far my favorite and most updated feature in the Bible Study App is the Resource Guide. While I’m reading the Bible, I can open the Resource Guide in the split window to see cross references, study Bible notes, maps, topics and more that are all related to my current reading. As I continue to read, the Resource Guide tracks with me and updates the material to match the Scripture I’m reading.


3. Search Feature

I’m not very good at remembering verse references and often find myself asking things like, “Where is that verse about the mustard seed?” Instead of flipping through the Bible or searching through an index, I can tap the search icon and type in “mustard seed” and find the verse I’m looking for. As an added bonus, I can view the verse in each of the gospel accounts and see other search results related to “mustard seed.”


4. Lookup Feature

Tap and hold a word in the Bible text and an option menu bar will pop up.  From here you get the options Copy, Highlight, Note, Bookmark, Share, Define, Lookup, and More. If you tap the “Lookup” button you’ll get “hits” from your resources on just that specific word.  Like before, just tap the book cover and you can read the article in the pop-up window, or choose to open in the Main or Split window.


5. Automatic Background Sync

I do my daily Bible Reading in the App and Olive Tree’s Automatic Background Sync takes care of it.  This allows me to go into my other devices to access and keep up with my Reading Plan.  The Bible is able to sink into my daily life and I can refer back to that morning’s reading from wherever I am – on the go with my phone, on laptop at work, at coffee shops on my iPad, or at home on my desktop.  Because of the Bible Study App Sync function, all of my custom highlights, tags, and bookmarks are always readily available.  With Olive Tree’s Automatic Background Sync, I don’t have worry about whether or not my notes, highlights, bookmarks, and book ribbons are up to date.


6. Cross Platform Access

Did you know that you can Download The Bible Study App all your devices?  I personally have an iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, Windows Laptop, and Windows desktop.  The advantage to having the App on your devices is that with an Olive Tree Account (have you created one yet?) you can access your entire library on up to 5 different devices from wherever you study the Bible.

That’s my favorite features, but The Bible Study App can do so much more!  What’s yours?


  • I would love to buy one of the high price for me apps, but I cannot pay all at once. Is there a way to pay in let’s say three payments?

    • Monty says:

      Hi Pedro,

      We currently do not have a payment plan system. However, you could look into a paypal account. They have a “bill me later” option.


  • I like the Olive Tree Study Bible so far. I don’t have any complaints at the moment. The Olive Tree Study Bible App comes with four free different versions of the bible, American Standard Version(ASV), English Standard Version(ESV), King James Version(KJV), and the Holman Christian Study Bible(HCSB). I am having a problem with downloading the Holman Christian Study Bible( HCSB). For some reason it is not downloading to my cell phone. Can you please check into that? Can you make more free versions of the bible be available for the Olive Tree Study Bible App like say, the Amplified Bible Version and other versions as well?

  • I have a correction to make. In my previous comment I had said that I was having a problem with downloading the Holman Christian Study Bible (HCSB) to my cell phone, but it is actually called the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). Disregard that comment. The Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) has now downloaded to the Olive Tree Study Bible App that I have on my cell phone. I still would like to request that you make available more free versions of the bible for the Olive Tree Study Bibke App, like the Amplified Bible version and other versions as well. Thank you for your attention.

  • John Tamuno says:

    Great work. Thank you so much. It’s a great companion in my everyday walk and work. God bless you richly.

  • Roz says:

    Love the app…thx for all you have done! I see that the screen shown with the comment about being able to read in the main screen and taking notes in the split screen is from the iPad app. is that feature also possible w/ other device apps? Cannot get iit to work w/ my Android phone.

  • ron says:

    Thanks to Nokia’s phones like the Lumia 1020 having more megapixels than the others, many people are switching to phones that run Windows Phone 8. I would like to switch myself. It’s time to make the bible study app work on Windows Phone 8.

  • steve says:

    I love using the Olive Tree Bible app on my iPad. I have a Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone. Are there any plans to bring this app Windows Phone? I see that it is available for Windows 8.1.

  • Richard says:

    I’m with Ron & Steve… any plans for Windows Phone version?

    Recently moved to a Lumia myself (from iOS) and find it more appealing. I’ve used Olive Tree since it came out for Palm devices years ago and would like to continue.

  • Prince says:

    Thanks for the good work. Is this app workable and free on android market. Thanks.

  • Jan-Hendrik Kleynhans says:

    How do I get an alternate translation to open as hyperlink in notes?

    • Cierra Klatt says:

      Hey, there! You notes will open whichever translation you were last using in the main window. Hope this is helpful for you!

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