Look Inside: Archaeological Study Bible

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The Archaeological Study Bible is a comprehensive study tool that highlights the archaeological, historical, and cultural background of the Bible.

In The Bible Study App you can access great images, maps, articles, and more in the Resource Guide. Watch the video below to see a brief demonstration on how it looks in our app.

You can get the Archaeological Study Bible on special right now!


  • Dennis says:

    Hi- thanks- discounts don’t who on apple App Store yet? Is there a lag ith in app purchase?

    • Andrew says:

      Dennis, There was a bit of a lag. It should be available now. You can also purchase the same resources on our website and they will be available for your device.

  • Dennis says:

    Thanks Andrew – I did

    Also just wanted to let you know re idea for sales..

    Personally – i tend to use Itunes functionality mainly because I can often buy Itunes gift cards for 20% off etc at supermarkets/stores.
    So by doing that, im saving extra money.

    Maybe in future if there are sales on Olivetree gift cards etc, people like me would buy those, to then use those on future sale prices etc 🙂

    Just a thought!

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