A Basic and Solid Bible Study Library

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basiclibraryIf you’re like me, your introduction to Bible study tools was a bit rocky.  I first began teaching and preaching in my local church at age 14.  Before my first sermon, my Dad handed me my first Strong’s Concordance and a brand new Bible. Not really knowing where else to start, I would read through a passage of Scripture and look up every word in the Strong’s Concordance that I didn’t understand or that caught my attention.

I quickly learned that I needed a more formalized approach to studying God’s Word. Since that time I’ve learned that I needed some basic tools to keep my Bible study on track.

A Basic and Solid Library

To help you get started, Olive Tree has bundled resources together to help you dig deeper into God’s word.  These bundles give you the basic tools to help you build a solid starter library. All of these wonderful resources are designed to be integrated into the Resource Guide within The Bible Study App for a seamless and easy-to-use Bible study experience.

What’s in The Study Bible Bundles?

Bible Study Essentials 

  • Choose from the following Bible Translations: NIV, HCSB, NKJV or NRSV
  • A Study Bible that corresponds to your Preferred Bible Translation
  • Bible Dictionary
  • Cross-References
  • Maps

Bible Study Standard 

  • Everything in the Essentials bundle
  • Strong’s Tagged Bible
  • Essential Bible Companion
  • Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
  • Expanded Maps

Bible Study Expanded 

  • Everything in the Standard bundle
  • Key Word Commentary
  • Expository Dictionary
  • Bible Concordance
  • and even more Maps

Bible Study Premier

  • Everything in the Expanded bundle
  • More Commentaries
  • Bible Encyclopedia
  • More Cross-references
  • A Bible Atlas

Bible Study Bundles are available in the following Bible translations: NIV, HCSB, NKJV, or NRSV.

Using these and tools will deepen your Bible study and further prepare you to present God’s word (2 Timothy 2:15).

What are your favorite Bible Study resources?


  • Rob Maim says:

    I agree with your suggestions. .
    BUT…I am highly disappointed there is no KJV in your list/pkg.

  • Rich Asper says:

    I know the ESV translation is free, but it would be nice to see a bundle with the ESV study Bible, the ESV Bible Atlas, the ESV Concordance, and a Dictionary/Cross reference.

  • Karen says:

    Thanks so much for sharing how to do the Parallel Bible! I’ve always loved Olive Tree Bibles they are on my cell phone, laptop, Kindle and Mac : ) I write a blog from the Bible applying it to our lives today. I create doodles and photos for Bible Verses. So this tool is fantastic, I can copy and paste Bible passages without messing them up with manual typing. I started getting readers from Russia and China so I put links out to Olive Tree in other languages. This is a fantastic tool : ) I just figured out the Parallel Bible ability today. I will certainly be able to use this in my Bible studies. Thank you!

  • stephen says:

    I have to question your suggestion for more commentaries! believe that is an attempt to sell more apps than a sincere need for study. the more commentaries you have, the more bad direction you will receive. you push so much junk already…it is frustrating. many of the published commentaries don’t understand the bible as well as a Spirit led believer will.

    • Troy Mullens says:

      I have recently come to more fully appreciate the value of multiple commentaries. As I add more commentaries, I get slightly different viewpoints (just like being in a Bible Study Group). I also find that different commentaries work better with different Bibles.

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