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The Olive Tree Bible Study App developers are hard at work on our upcoming iOS release 5.9 (aka “Flying Eagle” as it has come to be called around here). You may have noticed a little teaser in our latest iPhone & iPad release that said “This update paves the way for a future App update…”

One of the great things about this upcoming release is how The Bible Study App will be better able to layout text in ways that we could not before.  We wanted to show you a few examples of this using the NLT (New Living Translation) Study Bible. (Screenshots taken from an iPad 2.  Click for a larger view.)

Compare Romans 1:1

Current iOS App 5.5.4                                               Future iOS App 5.9

IMG_1019     IMG_1015

You’ll notice that as you scroll through that section (and most other sections of the NLT Study Bible), you will find articles and sidebars, some of which are floating or using some nice formatting to make them stand out.

Compare Genesis 1:1

Current iOS App 5.5.4                                               Future iOS App 5.9

IMG_1020     IMG_1017

The tables and articles are much laid out in a much more flowing format with the content.  This is just one of the many advantages to this app update.  We’ll be highlighting more sneak peaks into the upcoming iOS App release in the next few weeks.

We don’t have an official release date yet, so stay tuned by subscribing to our blog or sign up for our newsletter.

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  • JRC says:

    Looks great! Will this update be available for the android devices as well?

    • Monty says:

      Hi JRC,

      This update is coming out on iOS devices first.


      • Chris says:

        This does look terrific!
        Will the version for Android devices ever perform and look as refined as the iOS version? While it is a blessing to even have the app, once you’ve used the iOS version the difference is very noticeable (especially in tablet format between Android and iOS) Thank you very much!

    • David says:

      Any update on the release date? Are you delaying the release so you can include Hebrew too?

      Is the new release finally going to get rid of the 2 step process required to get to the advanced settings, since everything is an advanced setting?

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    Looks great.
    With this update will we be able to format the text in our notes? Like underline and hi-light.
    Thank you,
    Donald Keiffer

    • Monty says:

      Hi Donald,

      This update is geared towards the text of the titles within the app. We hope to add more functionality to the notes feature in the future.


      • Benjamin Shier says:

        How’s this update coming along? Haven’t heard anything for a while now. Really looking forward to it.

      • Kenneth Macleod says:


        Is there any news yet on the Mac & Android release of version 5.9?


        Kenneth Macleod

        • Monty says:

          Hi Kenneth,
          We are getting close to a beta on Android and we are working on the Mac update. We do not have an official release date on these.

  • Jonathan Hunt says:

    The formatting looks great. Will there be an update in the near future to improve the search engine (somewhat comparable to Acc. or BW? As a seminary student and future pastor, I know that would be quite helpful. In every other way Olive Tree is superior!

  • Koti says:

    Looks great. The contrasting interface is quite good.
    Is this coming for iphone too? Also as all new OS s are heading towards minimalistic aesthetic (like iOS7 and windows 8, – without gradients) is olive tree also transforming to that type of aesthetic, so that complete screen space will be available for “content” ?

  • Nichole says:

    Hi – can you please aLso update the My Notes area of the App for iPad to include the ability to BOLD, ITALICS, UNDERLINE text? I use it a lot and would like to emphasize things in my notes.
    Also, please make it possible to SHARE your note by email or by print directly from the app (for iPad).
    Many thanks! I love your App and use it daily!

    • Andrew says:

      This is a much requested feature and one we hope to have out in a coming release. The 5.9 release will help pave the way for this.

  • Dick Roks says:

    I fully agree with the suggestions of Nichole. Please focus on these basic formatting functionalities!
    This will keep Olivetree at the top of bible study Apps as it is today.

  • Brad says:

    Glad to see the Bible Study app moving forward…
    Here’s to wishing (hoping) for the ability to see multiple translations side-by-side, verse-by-verse; similar to a spreadsheet grid.

  • Frank says:

    Looks good. Looking forward to getting this. What do you think about different background colors for different translations. So it would be more obvious which translation I am using at the moment.

  • Paulo says:

    Looks great the new update.
    Three suggestions:
    – introduce the print page numbers specially on academic books for bibliography;
    – make pictures available on original size ( good quality);
    – make it work on iPad 1 🙂

    Thank you.
    Keep the good work.

  • JT says:

    Hey, did you know that olive tree has limited support on various titles? What that means is that if you upgrade your platform (i.e. That new iPad) those titles you bought, and used with your old device, magically disappear…..ooooh. Already lost a few Greek titles with functionality. Weird, huh. You don’t expect books to have short life expectancies. But then why would you, IT’S A BOOK! But hey, no worries, you can always repurchase the title to go with you new device. Yeah…..

    • Monty says:


      Your books are available on your new devices with an Olive Tree account. If you are having trouble getting to your titles on your new device, please reach out to our support team at and they can help you with this.


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