Sneak Peek: Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

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The Olive Tree Bible Study App developers are hard at work on our upcoming 5.9 iOS release (aka “Flying Eagle” as it has come to be called around here). You may have noticed a little teaser in our latest iPhone & iPad release that said “This update paves the way for a future App update…”

One of the great things about this upcoming release is how The Bible Study App will be better able to layout text in ways that we could not before.  We wanted to show you a few examples of this using the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament. (Screenshots taken from an iPad 2.  Click for a larger view.)

Compare the Introduction to 1 Corinthians

Current iOS App 5.5.4                                               Future iOS App 5.9

IMG_1031     IMG_1029

Notice how the introduction text can now be displayed in the gray box to notate the 1 Corinthians Introduction (a feature mentioned in the commentary series preface).

Compare the Translation Text

Current iOS App 5.5.4                                               Future iOS App 5.9

IMG_1032     IMG_1030

Notice the author’s translation of the text is in a different font type than the exposition text.

Text display is just one of the many advantages to this future app update.  Make sure you have our latest iOS update that paves the way for this future update by clicking the link App Store graphic below:


The Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament and other top commentaries are discounted this weekend. Go here to get it!
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  • Doug Franks says:

    I don’t understand your comments related to iOS 5.9. My iPad2’s latest iOS version is 7.0.6 (you provide screen shots from an iPad2). I’m just not sure where the disconnect is, so I don’t understand the issue. Can you explain where I’m going wrong?

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    Can you please give us a heads up on flying eagle release.

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