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The Resource Guide is one of the top tools of the The Bible Study App. In the video below we show you how you can customize the layout of the different sections of the resource guide as well as what appears in those sections.

Resources specially enhanced for the resource guide are on special right now!


  • John says:

    Thanks! That was helpful. Now I have my commentaries at the top like I want them. The more I use the Bible Study App, the more helpful it becomes!

  • Garth says:

    Thank you for your regular tips and updates. Very helpful.

  • Thanks, it is nice to see Charles H. Spurgeon’s sermons in your list for the first time on sale. As a matter of fact, I like all his publications and I have them in PDF in my pc.
    I don’t mind to have these Spurgeon’s sermons and all other books of him on my IPAD. Please tell me what is the deal 1). For only sermons. 2). For all of Spurgeon’s collections.
    Thank you

  • Bob says:

    Thanks for creating this. I love these helpful videos. This one is very helpful. Please keep doing this.

  • Hans Huijboom says:

    Geweldig bedankt,
    Steeds wat tips maakt het gemakkelijk dat je niet alles in een keer leert maar geleidelijk meer vaardigheid krijgt.
    Bedankt voor het maken van deze app. Het draagt bij tot meer inzicht en geloofs vreugde.
    Deze tip was zeer zinvol voor mij
    Dank !!!

  • Fred says:

    I purchased the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible (in-App purchase), and it won’t show up as a resource in any section of the Resource Guide of my Bible Study App. I was hoping to see it in the Maps section. It only shows up in the Library. Can you help, please?

  • Fred says:

    By the way…I already changed the resource settings to enable the Atlas for use in all Resource Guide sections. And it still won’t show up as a resource. In fact, nothing shows up in the sections named Maps, Charts, and Images.

    • Andrew says:

      Fred, are you on an iOS device (iPhone/iPad)? Can you test it out on John 1:1. You should see a result from the Zondervan Atlas of the Bible in Maps, Charts, and in the second level if you tap ‘Jesus’ under People.

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