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This week’s Free Resource Friday is Olive Tree’s Places of the Bible: 100 Important Biblical LocationsPlaces in the Bible

Olive Tree Places: 100 Important Biblical Locations, offers details about towns, cities, and regions where some of the most important events in the Bible took place. From material on geographic locations to how each place is tied to the fabric of biblical history, this compilation provides information that will enrich your study of the Bible and enhance your understanding of the varied landscape in which God’s story unfolds.

In addition to browsing this work, readers will also be able to find entries through the Bible Study app’s dictionary look up feature, allowing them to access this information easily while studying the Bible or reading any of the other titles available on our platform.

To download this title for The Bible Study App you can search for it in the in-app store or go HERE for download instructions.

Also check out this week’s specials on titles enhanced for The Bible Study Apps Resource Guide.


  • Doreen Larson says:

    How do I get back quickly to the place where I am reading in the Bible after using some other menu such as search?

    • Andrew says:

      Depending on what you were doing the last place you were reading should hold your place so all you have to do is open that book back up. You can also tap the ‘History’ icon to jump back to where you were previously.

  • Alex says:

    Hi Doreen,
    If you are using iOS platform (iPad or any iGadget) is as simple as to swipe the screen with two fingers to the left or to the right which will get you back and forth according your history. Can’t tell if its the same for Androids. If you’re on Mac or Pc what Andrew says is best. Click the history icon.



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