What is a Strong’s Tagged Bible?

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The well-known Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance lists all the significant words in the Bible and references each word to the original Hebrew and Greek languages. The concordance was first published in 1890 by Dr. James Strong, whose life’s work was to provide students of the Bible with an accurate and functional tool to understand the Bible’s original languages. He and others worked on the list for 35 years!

Dr. Strong’s work is still universally recognized as one of the essential aids for studying the Bible and thanks to The Bible Study App it’s easier than ever to access for deeper study of the Bible. Here’s a brief demonstration of how it works. All screenshots are from The Bible Study App on an Android tablet.

To find out the Hebrew or Greek word behind the English translation simply tap a word on any Strong’s tagged Bible.
(Click here for a list of available Bible’s with Strong’s tagging).


In the above screen shot I’ve tapped the word ‘nations’ found in Matthew 28:18 and I see that the Greek word is ‘ethnos’. I can then look up that Greek word in my other library resources like a concordance or dictionary by tapping the Lookup button in the popup window.


With a concordance I can see all of the different place that word is listed and how it is translated. In this case ‘ethnos’ is often translated as Gentiles in other places in Matthew.

strongs-dictionaryI can also look the word up in a dictionary like Vine’s or Mounce’s Expository Dictionary to see further explanation.


Lastly, if you would like to see or hide the actual Strong’s numbers associated with the words, you can turn this feature on or off by tapping Settings>Advanced Settings> Other Settings (Text Layout/Display for iOS)>Strong’s Numbers.

This is how the text would look with Strong’s numbers viewable compared with the first image in this post which hides the numbers.

Show Strong's Numbers

You can see how powerful and easy it is to use a Strong’s tagged Bible for The Bible Study App.

Right now you can get the ESV Bible with Strong’s for free! Click HERE.
Here are the current Bible translations available with Strong’s tagging:


  • Andrew says:

    Great intro to ESV with Strong’s. I didn’t know about the ability to look up articles in Vine’s and other resources directly from Strong’s!

    I have tried several times to get ESV with Strong’s by sharing about OliveTree through the promo at https://www.olivetree.com/store/promo_share.php?promo_code=ESVStrongs14, but even though I have posted multiple times to Facebook and received the “Success!” message on OliveTree, the Bible is still not showing up in my account (in Order History, My Library, or Library>Store>Purchased/Account).

    Is that something you can fix?


  • Bill Stewart says:

    I guess you can only get the free ESV by sharing on Facebook? I don’t use Facebook but I use Twitter. I did post the share page to Twitter but I had to take it back off because it said that I got the ESV free which I really didn’t. Oh well.

  • Kathi says:

    I also was not able to actually download the ESV with Strongs….what is the way I can successfully do so?

  • Kathi says:

    I “re-tweeted” and was able to finally download. Thanks!

  • david griffin says:

    I posted about 5x’s for the esv strongs tagged and go nothing in my account… please fix! name
    david griffin

    • Andrew says:

      The ESV with Strong’s should be in your account. Did you check under Library>Store>Purchased/Account? Also, make sure you’re logged in on your device.

      • david griffin says:

        Just did… found it a few hours after i posted. IDK maybe the system takes a long time or theres something wrong. consider making a dummy account and seeing how long it takes to show in registered/purchased items.

  • Joe Coutts says:

    Hi, glad I found this. I also have the problem of no show ESV with Strongs, although I did share it on Facebook. Instead and without help from me, I received a French Bible, which is interesting but as I don’t know French – of limited use.
    Perhaps you might send me the ESV with Strongs also – as others have had the problem resolved.
    Sorry to duplicate all this, but I also sent these details via support. Hopefully something will happen. x Thanks Joe C

  • Joe Coutts says:

    Part 2 – see above. I eventually managed to download the ESV with Strongs, but ‘free’ not obvious and sure enough, my account was charged £10.49. A very time consuming experience. Others seem to have had bother also. The log ins etc. did not appear as instructed. It isn’t just me I see. I would have been happier never having seen the ‘offer’. JC

    • Andrew says:

      Sorry for all the trouble you went through. We’d be happy to help make things right. If you email us at support@olivetree.com and include your account information and a short explanation we can help you out.

      • Joe Coutts says:

        Dear Andrew
        Thanks for the reply. As I sent details in all directions, in the end Monica S at Olive Tree Support took pity on me, and I will follow her guidelines. As my wife says, you don’t know that I am a grumpy Scotsman. However, I am acutely aware that Bible study is the means to an end and not the end itself. I suggest that in future offers, a comment ‘not to’ use iTunes, but only the Olive Tree site would have been helpful.
        Thanks for your input.

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