Commentaries in The Bible Study App

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Watch the video below to see how commentaries work within The Bible Study App.

 Go here to browse all available commentaries now!


  • Ray says:

    How long is the Easter sale going?

  • John Thrower says:

    As a user of your software on my iphone and as elder of my fellowship I and others in my fellowship find it an insult to have to be a user of social media such as twitter or facebook in order to receive your free promotions. the stand of my pastor and the rest of our leadership is that these social media sites contain more things that are detrimental to followers of Christ than good and recommend that our brothers and sisters stay away from such sites if for no other reason than they are time consuming and that time could be better spent in the Word and prayer.

  • I like olive Tree because it is user friendly. I have Logos 5 and it is very unfriendly to the user. Their software is so unfriendly that you have to attend a camp to know how to use it .(Camp Logos) Anytime that you have to attend a camp just to know how to use a software something is wrong. Olive tree be sure to keep the titles cheap for us struggling seminary students.

  • Steve Nixon says:

    When will the new bible reader app be released?

  • Kevin D. Russell says:

    Are Strong’s numbers available the phone app within the free Bibles available or do you have to pay for a Bible that has them embedded?

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