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At the end of 1998 I traveled with a small group of people into a country closed to the Gospel. We each brought a few paperback Bibles and we also brought the Bible on audio cassette. We knew that in one area we would traveling to that bringing a printed Bible wouldn’t be enough because many couldn’t read.  Not only that but they didn’t have access to current technology (at the time CD’s were current technology!) which is why we brought audio cassettes.

15 years later and it’s now estimated that more people have access to a smartphone than decent sanitation. What does this mean for missionaries and the advancement of the Gospel? It means that we live in a time where the Gospel can be transmitted like never before!

As the picture above demonstrates, we can now store over 1,600 Bibles on a Micro SD card that is smaller than a penny. If you’ve ever picked up a box of books, you know how significant the idea of being able to store an entire library’s worth of books on a memory card is. That one cassette box I hid in the bottom of my bag years ago could hold enough Micro SD cards to resource thousands of pastors.

We live in a unique time and it will be exciting to see how technology continues to be utilized in the spread of the Gospel!

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
Matthew 24:14


  • Mitch says:

    One great use of technology in spreading the gospel is the Search for Jesus ministry, part of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Check it out!

  • Christopher Bohl says:

    How true this is. I cannot tell you the details but our mission team has already used this method to distribute Bibles to persons in real need of the Word of GOD. I continue to pray and take part in the spread of the Gospel.

  • David says:

    For Olive Tree, the figures are say
    Ordinary book under 1 mb
    Simple Bible 6 mb
    Bible with Strongs / Notes upto 50 mb
    Encyclopaedia set say 100 mb
    Library within 1 GB
    Comprehensive Library 2 GB
    Compressive Library with commentary sets say 3 GB
    Make sure your next mobile phone has at least 16GB if you are building a library here.

  • David says:

    The 1600 is irrelevant. 8GB should cover all the versions and formats you want.. They can be copied as many times as you want.

  • Pastor Ben Soon says:

    Amen and Amen. Pastor firmly believe technology to store, transmit and dispense GOD’S GOSPEL MESSAGE to reach the ends of the earth via Internet, electronic bibles, olive tree bible software, cable tv, radio and the many social network like Facebook and Twitter is what GOD is making available to every Christian Believer to start Winning Souls to JESUS and GOD’S Kingdom right now!

    May all who love JESUS and are obedient to do His Commands to bring the GOSPEL to rescue perishing souls to Eternal Life rise up for CHRIST Urgently! Time is fast running out before JESUS RETURN. GOD bless you and all faithful servants at Olive Tree. Pastor Ben Soon

  • Jack says:

    Beginning as Hosannah in Albuquerque with the King James, now,

    offers scriptures in multiple formats in 800 languages.

    Twenty years ago, when small congregations could not afford a multi-tape recorder or cheap tapes Hosannah sold us tapes for $1 and let us make multiple tapes of our sermons.

    Bless them for their great service…

  • Thank you so much dear Lord JESUS for building up your children spiritually with Olive Tree Bible Study Software. We are so blessed to be given your WORD in so many exciting electronic platforms and vast access via Internet.

    Today through the use of social network like Facebook and Twitter every faithful believer in CHRIST can actively sow the GOSPEL with ease onto many, many groups to reach the world for JESUS. Yes, to all the faithful staff at Olive Tree, Pastor wants to say: THANK YOU. Keep Up your very wonderful work for JESUS. Know that every drop of your faithful effort done in love to equip the Body Of CHRIST to the Glory Of GOD is precious and immensely appreciated. May GOD continue to bless you all mightily. Amen and Amen. Pastor Ben Soon.

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