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People often ask me “what sets Olive Tree’s Bible Study App apart?” Although it’s hard for me to narrow down, here are my favorite features of The Bible Study App (Screenshots are taken from an iPad 2.  Click for a larger view)

1. Split Window

The split window has many functions. While reading in the main window, I can open the Resource Guide (see below), another translation, a study Bible, or even take notes as I read the text. I love being able to take sermon notes while in church on Sunday. I can have my main window open to the passage and take notes in the split window. Before, I had to do a balancing act with my Bible in one hand and my notepad in another, trying to keep everything in place while flipping back and forth in the Bible along with the sermon. Now my Bible and notes are all easily managed in one hand.  As a bonus, any Scripture References become hyperlinks that I can tap to pop up that passage.


2. The Resource Guide

By far my favorite and most used feature in the Bible Study App is the Resource Guide. While I’m reading the Bible, I can open the Resource Guide in the split window to see cross references, study Bible notes, maps, topics and more that are all related to my current reading. As I continue to read, the Resource Guide tracks with me and updates the material to match the Scripture I’m reading.


3. Search Feature

I’m not very good at remembering verse references and often find myself asking things like, “Where is that verse about the mustard seed?” Instead of flipping through the Bible or searching through an index, I can tap the search icon and type in “mustard seed” and find the verse I’m looking for. As an added bonus, I can view the verse in each of the gospel accounts and see other search results related to “mustard seed.”


4. Lookup Feature

Tap and hold a word in the Bible text and an option menu bar will pop up.  From here you get the options Copy, Highlight, Note, Bookmark, Share, Define, Lookup, and More. If you tap the “Lookup” button you’ll get “hits” from your resources on just that specific word.  Like before, just tap the book cover and you can read the article in the pop-up window, or choose to open in the Main or Split window.


5. Automatic Background Sync

I do my daily Bible Reading in the App and Olive Tree’s Automatic Background Sync takes care of it.  This allows me to go into my other devices to access and keep up with my Reading Plan.  The Bible is able to sink into my daily life and I can refer back to that morning’s reading from wherever I am – on the go with my phone, on laptop at work, at coffee shops on my iPad, or at home on my desktop.  Because of the Bible Study App Sync function, all of my custom highlights, tags, and bookmarks are always readily available.  With Olive Tree’s Automatic Background Sync, I don’t have worry about whether or not my notes, highlights, bookmarks, and book ribbons are up to date.


6. Cross Platform Access

Did you know that you can Download The Bible Study App all your devices?  I personally have an iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, Windows Laptop, and Windows desktop.  The advantage to having the App on your devices is that with an Olive Tree Account (have you created one yet?) you can access your entire library on up to 5 different devices from wherever you study the Bible.

That’s my favorite features, but The Bible Study App can do so much more!  What’s yours?


  • Troy Mullens says:

    All the above, plus affordable resources. I have just about all of the Bibles and buy 1 new resource per week.

  • Troy Mullens says:

    I notice all of the examples are from the ESV. Is this your favorite and why?

    • Monty says:

      Hi Troy! I am using the ESV in my daily reading right now. It’s Free with The Bible Study App. I pick a different translation every year to read through the Bible. I also use several other translations for a Translation Comparison Bible Study Method – NIV, NASB, NLT, NKJV, The Message, CEV, just to name a few. What’s your “go to” translation?

      • Troy Mullens says:

        HCSB/Strongs, Orthodox, & NET/full notes. All 3 have different a flavor. AMP, ESV/Strongs & NIV added to make sure that I have a complete understanding of the chapter. Each translation seems to pair well with 1 or more different resources. Sigh, and don’t even get me started on maps and commentaries.

      • Troy Mullens says:

        BTW, how is the new version of the Bible Study App coming? Also, I am so looking forward to the Interlinear bible (status?)
        Thanks for providing such a great resource. There is no excuse for not studying.

        • Monty says:

          We’re getting close! We don’t have an official release date, so stay tuned!

          • Troy Mullens says:

            I study and/or read first in the morning and last at night on my iPad. Then thanks to syncing, I can “tune in” in odd spare moments during the day on my iPhone.

  • udeh says:

    I will love to have it on my windows phone. Can you direct me how to get it installed.

  • Jay says:

    Is there a way to copy the entire search results? If I’m looking for a word or an exact phrase, is there a way to search & copy every reference/verse that displays?

  • charlie says:

    In the android version I could open search results in split window. I can’t seem to make that happen ios. Am I missing something or is that functionality removed in ios?

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