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The Bible Study App by Olive Tree Bible Software has been a valuable resource for people from all walks of life and from countries across the world for over a dozen years! Providing not just a great Bible reading experience but also access to thousands of great Bible study resources, The Bible Study App (formerly called BibleReader) has been downloaded and used by over 7 million people.Free ESV Download

King JamesToday we highlight over 30 free Bibles that are available for download to use in The Bible Study App. Once downloaded they can be used without a wifi connection and just like a paper Bible you can highlight, make notes, bookmark, and more.

Go here to see the free Bibles available!
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Create your own Customized Parallel Bible!


  • CS Lim says:

    Why do I lost all my free downloads each time there is an update on the Bible Study App? How can I avoid this from happening again? Thank you.

    • Monty says:

      Hi CS,

      If you are logged into your account on your device, the titles you have downloaded should stay on your device when you update. Have you contacted our support team at about this issue?

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