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We’ve excited to announce a major update to our Windows Store App!

There are several ways that we’ve updated the Windows Store App experience.


To name a few:

  • Multi-verse notes/highlights. The app now detects that whole verse(s) are selected and creates the annotation as book-chapter-verse instead of word-based.
  • Mass-annotation management.
    • Select multiple annotations/categories and delete all of them
    • Drag & drop selected items to another subcategory to move them.
    • The drag & drop works well when the destination is a sibling of the annotation/category, but there is also a “Move To” menu on selection to easily move annotations/categories anywhere.
  • Tagging annotations works a lot like the To/CC/BCC fields in modern email interfaces. That is, typing shows suggestions of existing ones along with the ability to create & use a new one.
  • Better control of removing highlights from the text – rather than simply a “Remove all” (that are included in the selected text) it is possible to remove individual highlights.

This update also includes:

  • Lookup selected text/word
  • Option to always scroll vertically
  • Finished the layout of Resource Guide, specifically how cross-references are handled.
  • Lots of squished bugs!
  • Many tweaks/enhancements/fixes based on reading user reviews over the last few months.

You can get the Windows Store App update for The Bible Study App by clicking the icon below.  If you like the update, leave us a review.  We greatly appreciate it!



  • David says:

    This is a great update

  • Jorge Torres says:

    when will these updates be available for mac?

    • Monty says:

      Hello Jorge,

      Most of these options are already available on the Mac. However, we are working on a Mac update that we hope to have out soon. We don’t have an official release date, so stay tuned for updates!

  • Jeremy says:

    Now that Microsoft supports universal apps, will you be supporting Windows phone as well?

    • Monty says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      That’s a great question. Our Windows team is exploring the Windows Phone option. The change made by Microsoft did make it easier to develop for their platforms, but there are enough changes to be made to support both the tablet and phone that it will still take quite a bit of work to support the Windows Phone. Please tuned for updates.

      • Ram Kalaskar says:

        Any light on this question?
        It is close to two years now… Will be able to get OliveTree on Windows phone / tablets based on universal apps implementation?

  • Fran says:

    I really hope to see a windows phone app soon.

  • Diane Evans says:

    Was extremely excited “until” I discovered it didn’t include my iPad

  • Georges says:

    Great additions. And yes, a windows phone app would be so useful.

    • Monty says:

      Hi Georges,

      We are glad you like the updates. Our Windows team is exploring the Windows Phone option and we are evaluating that platform.

  • Denis Rodrigues Cassiano says:

    Well… will be amazing a Windows Phone 8 version! I can be a beta tester if needed!

    • Monty says:

      Thanks Denis. Our Windows team is exploring the Windows Phone option and we are evaluating that platform. No official dates as of right now.

  • Mike says:

    Will there be an update for Win 7 also?

    • Monty says:

      Hi Mike,

      Yes, we are working on a Windows Desktop update. We don’t have an official release date scheduled as of right now, so please stay tuned for updates!

  • Robert Iversen says:

    I have no clue how this works. I made the mistake of deleting my Windows versions and then installing the Windows 8 version thinking this would be the same. It is not and I am completely lost. I could not find any place to login to sync my notes and then to download my resources. Looks nice but completely useless for me. Very frustrated. I am glad I use this application more on my iPad and iPhone, but it sure is a bummer that this does not work or is not intuitive find the magic login and how does it work button(s).

  • Robert Iversen says:

    I found how to log in quite by accident. This was not intuitive and took me 45 minutes to find after installing, deleting, and re-installing again. If you can make it easier to find the login or settings to login, then that would be helpful.

    • Monty says:

      Hi Robert,

      We are using Windows Store App protocols for the layout and design of the app. However, we are also looking into how we can make these interactions more user friendly for possible future updates.


      • Robert Iversen says:

        That is great. I understand it better now. A pop guiding a person to sign in or show them clearly where to sign in would be a huge help. Sometimes when a simple and clean page is displayed, some subtle different in a hyperlink are not as quickly seen. This was the case for me. It was a huge frustration and made me feel like an idiot once I saw it. I had that, “Duh!!!” moment.

        Also, I miss the organization of my favorite resources and how I can call them up when in a resource. Maybe it is there and Just have not figured this out either. I will keep experimenting. It is always better to use built in API and protocols for development, as they are supported for updates in a much better way than doing it via custom ways. There is always a lot less regression testing needed. LOL. Thank you, again!

  • Mike Parker says:

    Since I’m running Windows 7 (and have avoided Windows 8 like the plague), I didn’t know what a “Windows Store App” was until just now.

    Do you have an updated desktop version for those of us not running Win8?


    • Monty says:

      Hi Mike,

      Yes, we are working on an update to the Windows 7 desktop app. However, the current version does most everything that the Windows 8 store app does. You can download it here: Let us know if you have any questions.

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