Creating Notes in The Bible Study App

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See how easy it is to create notes in The Bible Study App.


Windows Desktop


  • Andrew says:

    What about in the Android app?

  • Billy Pratt says:

    This did not help at all. I need to know how to change the DEFAULT COLOR for the notes icon.

    • Monty says:

      Hi Billy,

      Currently there is not a way for you change the default color of the notes icon. However, you can change the icon for each note that you make. While you are in the note, simply tap the note icon and you can change it to another icon of your choosing. Let us know if you have any questions. Blessings!

  • David Seiber says:

    how do i do notes on android?

  • Sadi Machado says:

    Paid by the bible, but have not received anything so far, I wonder what happened?

  • Hi

    I would love to be able to underline and do bold, italic, and color coding in the notes editor – mainly on Mac and iPad. Any way to do that?


    • Monty says:

      Hi Ralph,
      There’s not currently a way to do this, but we are working on this for a future update. We don’t have a specific release date as to when this would be made available.

  • Danny says:

    I love Olive Tree, and I have extensively used the note section. Just one thing I would recommend. It would really be nice if there were more options in the note editor. It would be great if I could format my notes in an outline format. Would this feature be possible sometime? Love everything else.


  • Glenn says:

    I’ve found a great resource with this application. Concerning notes: if I am going through my note collection and want the main window to go to the note reference – can I do that? I see that I can open a pop up window with the referenced verses but I would like the main window to go there. Any options for that?

    • Monty says:

      Hi Glenn,

      You can go full screen on your notes by tapping the “two arrows” button in the bottom right hand corner of the popup window.

  • J.P. says:

    Is there a way to change the font size of notes?

  • Cedric says:

    Several years and still not able to format text with bold, underline, or italics or bullets. When will this be possible?

    • Monty Galloway says:

      Hi Cedric,
      We don’t have a specific release date as to when this would be made available. Thank you for your patience.

  • Jon Williams says:

    I have been using this app for a couple weeks and was typing away on my notes just fine. However, when I opened my notes today, I realized the font size had shrunk so much it is difficult to read. I’m not sure how this happened, but is there a way to increase the font size of my notes? I’m using a windows laptop.

    • Cierra Klatt says:

      Hey, Jon! Here’s how: Click Bible Study (upper left corner), Bible+ Options, Colors and Fonts, and change the size.

  • Max Streuli says:

    Hello, I have your Bible app for many years, first ios, than mac, than android, now PC and android.

    I’m always on the look for a new bible app, as great as your app is, but the note taking is so minimalistic. I would like to change color, bold, style import a picture or if not possible, that I could export single notes (no not copy and paste text), or export all the notes and structure them in another windows app myself, or print them ALL out with bible refernece, so I could work with it……. Oh please please dear people of God, you have the gift of structuring and administration if you were able and called to make such a wonderful programm I do not have that gift really I need the help of those like you who have it, so in the body we all help each other….. please please please give the notes feature a priority, I’m sure many people will thank you for that.
    I could only find other bible apps that were so complicated (for me) that I gave up again……
    Please bless the body of Christ with good note function…

    God bless you and Grace


  • Jan-Hendrik Kleynhans says:

    Can I use bold, italic and underline in notes.

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