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Over the years I’ve read some great books by various Christian authors on a wide range of topics. One thing that many of the different devotional and theological books have in common is that they all quote Scripture – a lot of Scripture. That’s a good thing but in cases where the Scripture isn’t copied into the main text of the book it can be distracting. You either have to look in the appendix or have your Bible nearby to look up the verse that the author references. Often times I’ll tell myself that I’ll go back and look up the verse later but… that doesn’t always happen.

One of the things that makes The Bible Study App a great eReader is that nearly every scripture reference in an eBook becomes a hyperlink.


Tapping a scripture reference (clicking for PC and Mac) will then popup the scripture reference in your preferred translation for easy reading. Not only that but you can interact with scripture reference by easily scrolling or adding a note based off of what you were just reading in your book.

Olive Tree has a good selection of books available and in the coming months will be adding lots more new titles making The Bible Study App your go-to app for reading, study and devotion.

Browse Titles on Sale this Week, including lots of Christian eBooks. 



  • Patrick says:

    Hello OT Staff,

    I have school books in PDF format that have tons of scripture references in them. Is there a way to load them into the bible study app so I can take advantage of the hyperlinks to scripture references? Please advise. Thanks.


  • Ben says:

    I’ve converted a number of books to ePub format for reading in iBooks and Kindle; is there a way I create books for loading into the Bible Study app?

    Ideally I’d like to make a mixture of Resource Guide enhanced resources and eBooks, but even just eBooks would be a start.


    • Monty says:

      Hi Ben,

      Unfortunately there is not a way to do this. We take the text files and convert to our own format for use within our apps. However, depending on which books you’ve formatted into epub and the contractual restrictions around those titles, we might be interested in converting them as well. Can you email us at connect@olivetree.com with a list of titles you’ve converted?

  • Alex says:

    Hi Monty, I couldn’t agree more. Reading eBooks in The Bible Study App is really great.

    The Scripture quotes Hyperlinks is excellent, I also love the ability to copy a text portion to a note for later reference, study, or sermon use. I have all my Notes classified with names like “Bible enlightenment, Definitions, Sermons, Quotes, etc… it makes it so easy to find it later. While reading the Bible or any eBook I highlight, share, bookmark, copy to a note and classify it so fast and ease.

    Having a PDF and ePub import option will be awesome though.

    • Ilse Friedrich, Germany says:

      Hi Monty,
      I miss the ePub import option as well. Only for this reason I am interested in Olive Tree reader: This was formerly for my palm the only way to read the german Bible translation “Einheitsübersetzung” with palm. Now with android there is now App for this yet.
      Then I want to buy in your shop german bibles, Basis Bibel or “Einheitsübersetzung” for The Bible Study App – this is not possible, also ?

  • Martin Landgren says:

    Hi! I cannot see Page Numbers in My olive Bible Study app. This is a problem when i write articles and need to give references. Is there a way to see page numbers? The book i’m Reading now is Betz’ commentary of Galatians, in the Hermeneia series.
    Anyway, i really enjoy the software, though
    Kind regards

  • Jared Cooke says:

    Page Numbers are so needed!
    It might be difficult but it can be done.

    Just think about the free advertisement you get from every reference in every student’s paper 🙂

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