5.9 Update Now Available for iOS!

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Split Comparison 1We are excited to release this latest update (iOS 6 &7) after over two years of hard work! You may say, “but I don’t see anything new,” which for many of you means we did our job right! We have completely rewritten our core software that displays the text you see on screen. This means you will need to re-download all your titles. Why?  Besides having a cleaner text layout we want to bring you brand new tools for studying the Bible. Many of these were not possible with our older technology, but are now a very near reality!

Here are a few things of note:

  • The first time you use the app, it may feel a little sluggish. This is because we are updating all of your notes, bookmarks, and highlights in the background to the new format. If you have a lot of them this may take a few minutes. (Remember, patience is a virtue)
  • Users with lots of annotations may see a slow initial start up
  • Re-download all of your titles.  Because of the new text display layout, we’ve re-designed the text layout of several favorite Bible study resources.

Watch short preview of the version 5.9 Bible Study App for iOS devices.

New text display:

  • Text wraps around images, charts, and tables eliminating all the blank space around them
  • Beautiful new layout for your Bible study tools such as: Study Bibles, illustrated Bible handbooks and atlases

Here’s one example from Archaeological Study Bible Notes

Full Screen Comparison

What it means for the future:

  • We’ll be able to support more language fonts like Korean, Japanese, Russian, and more!
  • Greek Interlinears!
  • Enables us to do things like dynamic timelines and flashcards (memorization aids)
  • Enables multi-media like video and audio resources

What’s this mean for Android and our desktop apps?

We are hard at work to bring the same update to our other platforms that we have done with iPhone & iPad. We hope to see this technology on Android, PC, and Mac very soon!

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  • Donald Keiffer says:

    Sounds great and looks great but how “soon” is soon? You say you hope to see this on the Android, PC, and Mac very soon! Very soon seems to me to be sooner than the soon you mention for the iOs. Sorry to sound so negative but i am getting so excited about this release and thank all those that are bringing this wonderful new release to us but I still have the question of how long is “soon”, this is the word that has been used for at least seven months now.
    Again I want to thank everyone who is making this possible with all their hard work.
    Thank you,
    Don K

    • Monty says:

      We greatly appreciate your patience. We want it to be “sooner” than you do :). The iOS release should be available now on your devices. Unfortunately, for the other platform we can’t give an absolute release date. The moment it’s available for other platforms, we will be making those announcements in our newsletter, blog, and social networks.
      Thank you again for your patience.

      • david griffin says:

        PLEASE – PLEASE! Include more robust search as well as a search results graph. Eg. verse, word, or phrase found throughout the bible where, in what translations (based on what the user has available), how frequently with greek and/or hebrew definitions if a dictionary is installed. PLEASE! I would like to stop using Wordsearch 10. This would be the tool I need.

        • Monty says:

          Hi David,

          We appreciate your feedback. This update will allow us to add more features like you are requesting. I can’t give an exact time frame on when these features would be released. Please stay tuned for future updates.

          • Donald Keiffer says:

            Hello Monty,
            The post for “5.9 Update Now Available for iOS!” Has 39 comments but when I scroll to the bottom of the screen on my iPad it stops at comment 14 and will not scroll any farther. How can I read all of the comments?

          • John says:

            Donald – click on the comment number of the last one that you can see. That will then become the top comment and you can scroll down from there.

          • Alex says:

            Thanks John for tip!

      • Keith G says:

        Frustrated. We have heard about a major update to Android/Kindle for over a year now. Many features in the (old) iOS were not available. We still do not have access to features such as highlighting parts of a verse rather than a whole verse. Or highlighting in commentaries. Is there a team working on developing Android software at this time? Have they recently started at what is the minimum time it would take. These questions really need to be answered. Most updates in the last year seem to have been for iOS– even though This is a new core system.
        I would argue that both systems need equal treatment.

        • Monty says:


          Yes, we do have a dedicated team of engineers working on updating the Android apps. They are hard at work trying to solve the issues and questions you have raised. While I can’t give you a concrete date of when they will have the software update completed, I can tell you that Olive Tree is committed to the Android platform and we will be releasing updates as soon as possible.

      • Thiago Samico says:

        Well, I am so sorry about this attitude from Olivetree. It seems you have had some kind of hurry to release this update…
        Now I just can`t use my app anymore, at all!
        It slows down at startup and everytime I try anything.
        At least, show us you really care and give us an opportunity to safely downgrade while you really finish this update, otherwise I am quickly moving to Logos or any other reliable option.

        • Alex says:

          For those still having the lagging, the sluggish and any other weird thing, I had all of them at first but now I can say it’s working a lot better, and remember I said a lot better not perfect. After lots of Installing, updating and syncing, what did worked best was to uninstall the app completely and start fresh. (I know it’s tedious) but somehow it runs better. Reinstall the app (make sure its the latest update ) log in to your account and let it sync. Wait whatever it takes and also let it update all your annotations (that process might take a lot depending on the amount of notes you have) If asked to auto download your library select no, let this process be done first. As soon as it finished, download all your library, you may now select the automatic download on settings.

          I have done it this way instead of updating the app and somehow it works better for me. Like I said before still not perfect but better.
          Just my two cents 🙂

        • Jack says:

          You might be able to downgrade by deleting the app from your device, and then syncing with itunes. You can check in the iTunes Media in the “Mobile Applications” folder for something like:

          Bible Study

          That is the file I have on my mac. Delete anything that is 5.9.x and then load the older one onto your device. Then log in and sync to olivetree. I did that and am back and running great.

          RE this update, I agree that it would be best to have a path for people to easily downgrade. This release has too many bugs. I even tested a fresh copy with NO resources, no highlights, and nothing else installed. It is laggy and when paging through it would only let me flip about 5 or 6 pages and the text would stop loading. It started by default in John 1, and the text stopped at John 3 something. I could click the “Go To” button to go to the next chapter and it would load more text, but only up to like chapter 6. This was on a completely fresh clean install of version 5.9.8 of the ESV study bible. Something is apparently wrong with how text is fetched. I know this will end up all being fixed, and I really love the stuff from Olive Tree, but the 5.9 release is quite disappointing at present.

        • Monty says:


          We are sorry that you are experiencing these issues. Please reach out to our support team at support@olivetree.com and they will be able to help you any problems you are experiencing.

    • Sean says:

      Think yourselves lucky you don’t have the update on android. On the ipad it has made normal bible use awful, with bibles not appearing properly, pages jumping around and taking seconds to sort themselves when paging through. Awful.

      • Martin says:

        Is anybody else having these issues too? My iOS update screwed everything up just like what Sean posted. Would like to roll back the update. Does anybody know how to do that?

        • Keith Giacoma says:

          I am using the new update on my wife’s IPad, it is WORKING GREAT. Used the new iOS software for my Sunday sermon prep– commentaries, notes, highlighting, footnotes and cross references– everything worked smoothly. THANKS OLIVE TREE. Looking forward to the Kindle update. (I prefer Kindle to iPad, audio book reading is free)

          • Monty says:

            Hi Keith! Thanks for the update. If you would be willing to leave a review of the Olive Tree app, we would appreciate it! You can do so in the ‘App Store’ on your iOS device by searching for the Olive Tree app you have installed and tapping on “Reviews” to write a review. We appreciate your consideration!

        • David says:

          I’m having the same problems. It’s almost to the point of being unusable.

          Takes forever to open – weird lags and jumpiness when turning pages. Taps are often not recognized.

      • Monty says:


        We’re sorry that you’re having this experience. If you haven’t already done so, please reach out to our support team at support@olivetree.com. You might also find this article helpful: http://www.olivetree.com/help/ios-updating-to-5-9/

    • Melinda Sweet says:

      My app won’t even open now 🙁

  • JR says:

    Looks awesome! I have and love the Archeological Study Bible and can’t wait to try it out on the new format. I too use android tablet and my PC, so I will try hard to patiently wait for the Android and PC release.

  • Troy Mullens says:

    It took a little while to update all of 88 resources, but the wait was worth it (I had updates set for automatic). The new formats look great. I had to reset font sizes for all windows and pop ups. It seemed strange that I had to manually up date a few bibles. Of course history started anew. The reading plan retained my current location. Anyway, great job to all involved.

    • Monty says:

      Thanks Troy! We appreciate the feedback!

      • Richard says:

        I am also looking for you to implement an app for the Windows Phone 8 or 8.1. I have a Nokia Lumia 520, 12 million of which have been activated, and there are over 40 million Windows Phone devices out there and in service. This is a huge market you’re missing out on! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get on the ball here.

      • Renier says:

        Dear Monty and Team.

        This upgrade has not been a good experience for me. I upgraded and downloaded the resources. the problem is that most of my purchased resources will not download. The icon for the resource is still in my bible reader but when I want to open it a message comes up that states that I do not own the resource and that I can purchase it. I reported this last week through support and received an automated ticket number but so far have not received any additional communication from Olivetree. I am not in the USA and I have not been able to find a telephone number to try and contact Olivetree. I am not happy about this I sent screen captures in my complaint of the issues with a capture of my accout history showing that I own the titles. I only mentioned one but there are a great number of titles missing from my collection. Please contact me with a timeline for the fix. Regards Renier

  • david griffin says:

    Also, include a GLOBAL SEARCH FEATURE! That will search a users entire or selected resources! THIS IS CRITICAL FOR A PREACHER!

  • JR says:

    If we can have a wish list, I wish there was a plain ole dictionary available that would ‘pop up’ when you highlight a word.

      • JR says:

        Actually, I’m looking for a plain Webster’s type dictionary. My kids love reading from my tablet and occasionally run across a word, even in NLT, they need to check the definition of. I can’t remember a specific example, but say the word was assuredly or descending; a not necessarily Biblical word. Neither of those words is in most Bible dictionaries, but would be included in Websters.

        • Monty says:


          If you’re on an iOS device – Tap and hold a word in the Bible text and an option menu bar will pop up. From here you get the options to Copy, Highlight, Note, Bookmark, Share, Define, Lookup and More.
          If you tap “Define” you will get the integrated iOS dictionary pop-up. There’s some settings in iOS where you can define which dictionary to use.

          • JR says:

            Unfortunately, I’m not on is iOS device. I have my computer and my Android tablet. Thanks though.

  • Kyle Rogerson says:

    This new update is very laggy for me. I love the new look, but split windows, maps, and charts all day awhile to load now. I’ve also noticed screen glitches when the commentary is attempting to sync with the passage I’m reading. The resource guide momentarily goes white, before loading the content.

    • Monty says:


      We apologize for your frustration. There have been some users that have experienced some issues. Check out this help site blog here: http://www.olivetree.com/help/ios-updating-to-5-9/ to see if this addresses your issues. Also, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@olivetree.com. They can help you get back up and running.

      • David says:

        I have to agree with some of the others. Even after that 5.9.8 update everything is still laggy on my iPad Air. Swiping from page to page I’ll see highlights flicker, take a while to load, half the page is white and takes a few seconds to load. It’s just not as stable as it was before. I’ve deleted and reinstalled, restarted the iPad and still the same. Hope you guys can get it stable again. I really do enjoy this app aside from these issues.

        • Alex says:

          Make sure the Annotation Syncing process has finished completely. Go to My Stuff and scroll down to Annotation Updater. While still updating don’t bother to use it, it seems that this process takes a lot of resources and makes the app too slow. But as soon it finishes you will notice the difference.

          No crashes since this morning and everything is working fine.

          • Monty says:

            Thanks Alex. I’m glad that you are seeing a difference now that the updater is done.


        • Monty says:

          Hi David,

          Thank you for your feedback. Our iOS engineering team is working to resolve these issues. Thank you for your patience.

  • Robert Floyd says:

    I have to agree with Kyle (#13): the update has slowed performance to a crawl on my iPad with Retina Display. When I swipe to the next page, the Resource Guide entries take up to 5 seconds to refresh. In the previous release, the refresh was near instantaneous. In addition, the Download buttons on the Purchased screen at the Store sometimes work, sometimes don’t.

    I know it’s difficult to make a major revision of your underlying code base. If the new code is going to require a minimum level of hardware to run decently, I hope you’ll let us know. However, I hope even a first generation Retina Display device would be able to handle it.

  • Wesley says:

    “We’ll be able to support more language fonts like Korean, Japanese, Russian, and more!”

    Wait, does that mean there are plans to have bibles in those languages on OliveTree soon? I’ve used this software for a decade now (going back all the way back when PalmOS was dominating the PDA scene) and I’ve been sorely missing a Korean bible on it.

    • Monty says:

      Hi Wesley,

      Yes, we hope to offer many more Bibles in multiple languages. This update allows us to do that.

  • Alex says:

    I use this app on a daily basis, long hours on it not just for reading, but for studying and all kind of annotations and Bible works. And I’m sorry to say I won’t recommend anyone to upgrade to this 5.9 version.
    Its totally not up to OliveTree standards, or at least the quality I’m used to with all the previous versions. Like two weeks ago 5.9.6 came out and it was to sat the least a total nightmare, now the announcement of 5.9.7 (which is a bug fix) and its still not good. Believe me i’m working very hard on myself on not letting my frustrations take over me.
    Its sluggish, unresponsive, slow, very slow, highlights are messy and in queue most of the time even after a full sync, some books keeps updating in a loop that never ends, pages loading take a ridiculous amount of time, some text chapters are way off and overlaying the verse text, resource panel sometimes takes forever to load, making a specific verse to “start the page near” well it don’t start there not even close.
    I don’t recommend anyone to update to this version. If you just read a verse every now and then well maybe you might not notice anything, but if you take notes, highlights and all kind of annotations and resources the app is capable of, I suggest you to keep using version 5.5
    The new UI is ok, looks pretty nice, but I prefer stability. I can’t imagine myself using the app while preaching or taking some part at church and having a crash or a page freeze, like is happening now while just testing this new version. I’m afraid I might do the same as Moses with the commandments… Yikes I hope not.
    I really hope you guys can get this fixed, sorry I have no good things to say this time. My prayers for all of you and may God keep on blessing you all and we all see a newer, better, faster, greater version soon.

  • jason says:

    Very disappointed. I understand it will be sluggish and slow as highlights and notes are syncing – I also get the “this may take some time” message. But the thing keeps crashing every few minutes. I can’t get them to sync because the app won’t stay running.

    I know..I know

    Thank you for your feedback and your understanding. We apologize for your frustration. There have been some users that have experienced some issues. Check out this help site blog here: http://www.olivetree.com/help/ios-updating-to-5-9/ to see if this addresses your issues. Also, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@olivetree.com. They can help you get back up and running.

    Already sent…no response yet. I love Olive Tree on my iPad – hope this gets fixed soon.

    • Monty says:

      Hi Jason,

      We are sorry that you are experiencing this issue.

      I just checked with our support team, and they do not show an active ticket for you. Can you confirm your email address and the ticket ID for your support request?

  • Ian says:

    As a guideline regarding the speed of Annotation Updates, mine are running at a rate of about 700/hour, and since I have very many (about 7,000), this is going to take many hours to complete!

    I’m wondering if the reports of sluggish behaviour, etc., above have been observed during Annotation the Update phase?

    • Alex says:

      Well, it took like six hours but there is a big difference. Highlights still flashes from time to time but the sluggish thing is gone so far. I believe that the annotation Syncing process is the reason of it, I hope this is on the server side, doing this on all devices is ughhhh.

      Pages, books. Resources loads faster, no crashes or freezing so far, feels smoother not like 5.5 but better after the annotation sync. I’m on iPad 2 maybe on newer models it will run better.

  • John says:

    I am also experiencing the extreme sluggishness on my iPad. As suggested, I turned off auto-lock and left the app pen for several hours last night but it was still very sluggish this morning. I was at a bible study this morning and I was wishing that I had my paper bible, as the app was so unresponsive. Also – I was unable to look up Strong’s definitions in both the NASB and ESV Strong’s bibles.

    Is there a way to go back to the previous version until this is fixed?

    I love Bible + but it is not very pleasant to use at this point.

    • John says:

      I was able to restore the previous version from iTunes (Mac). I’ll try the new version again when the bugs get worked out!

  • tomas says:

    I think keeping the software version of the previous generation and new one separate on iTunes and later in Play Market will save troubles for many people. Imagine not everyone has tablets with latest hardware and new one costs or rather wastes much money. Today there is no way to revert version back so I would prefer to have at least on your site an archive of previous versions if someone runs into trouble with auto-updated software or after factory reset. Some has already invested into resources and if application won’t run on their HW they might not have free $$ for a newer one.

    Anyway, I am slowly preparing to revert back to the books, collecting most helpful resources in a print form when gadgets start to irritate me.

    • Alex says:

      If you want to downgrade you might still have a chance.

      If you updated your app directly from the iPad, you might want go to check in your computer in the apps section of iTunes, if you haven’t synced yet your iPad with it there’s a good chance the old app is still there. Check your app versión by right clicking it and select info. If it’s 5.5 and you wish to downgrade just delete the app from your iPad and sync again with your computer. It will be a good idea to save a copy of the old app outside that folder in case someday you select to update all apps. Also good to deactivate the automatic updates on your device.

      Also if you updated from iTunes the new one replaces the old app but it is still in the Trash can (on Mac). So if you haven’t emptied the trash can it will be there, drag it to your desktop and in iTunes delete the new one and re import this one and then sync your device.

  • Jack says:

    Thankfully I was able to downgrade as well. In 5.9.8 all of my annotations except for 2 updated, but now it crashes after about 5 minutes of being open. The screen seems to repaint several times. Annotations seem to also repaint several times. When I go to my reading plan, it bounces around until it settles in – sometimes where it should, and sometimes not. I often have to click “continue reading” again to have it go to the right starting point. This too undergoes what seems to be multiple screen repaints/reflows. The algorithms for this seem to be quite inefficient and seem to go through multiple loops. This version was not ready for prime time. I’ve been looking forward to it since it was announced, but it needs more work in house to be ready for the wild. 5.9.8 is unstable and essentially unusable. I am quite glad I was able to downgrade!

    I’m on an iPad 3, and I have several commentaries, books, maps, etc, and quite a few highlights and notes. I use this every day, and it is the main reason I even have an iPad. Thanks for the tip, Alex!

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    Thanks Monty, I clicked on the current number of the last message and wala it took me there, thanks again.
    Now, can yoy help me with the problem with B Reader timing out at 4 minutes? I want to restore my CWSB, when I tap on it to load it loads but then it starts loading the CWSB Dictionary and then shuts down half way thru the download (4 minutes). When I try the download it goes back and starts the download wit the complete Word Study Bible again even though it showed the down load before and then after the download it laods the CWSB Dictionary again but halfway thru that download it crashes (4 minutes) and the whole thing starts over, over and over and over again. I have tried everything you have told me to check to no avail, nothing works so far.
    This is really teaching me patience.

  • John says:

    I also experienced the problems that many others have posted. However, i have to say that the tone of some of the comments are disturbing. Yes, this update was “not ready for prime time.” But, based on the history of Olive Tree products, it WILL BE FIXED, and the final version will be great. As a previous poster said, we should be praying for the Olive Tree folks. I’m sure they are under a lot of pressure trying to stabilize the product for everyone. I have tried many bible apps in the past, but once I found Olive Tree, I never looked back.

  • alex says:

    5.9.9 is out! And is Awesome!!!!!
    Now I can sing the Spongebob song: “I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy, ….”

    Thankyou guys!

    • Robert Floyd says:

      Why, with today’s update, do I have to re register every resource as I open it? Why does the verse picker not work for ESV Strongs? Why did the font color change? Please don’t tell me I have to delete and reinstall the application.

      Is anyone getting the latest update to work?

      One humble suggestion: next time you rebuild the infrastructure, consider a large scale beta program involving actual users before releasing it.

      I work in software development, so I know how tough this can be. But I also know that I can no longer trust the stability of the app enough to use it while teaching Sunday morning class. That is Not A Good Thing.

      • Alex says:

        To Robert Floyd,
        First, I have anything to do with the App, I’m no programmer, I’m not part of Olivetree staff, nada. If you want to send a suggestion, well I’m not the guy, I’m just a user.
        That said, I’m really sorry for your frustrations. I updated from the App Store, no need to redownload anything, everything is working fine for me.
        Last three updates were very messy – a nightmare, and I’m more than happy to find out this new 5.9.9 update working far more stable and faster. Maybe still not perfect, but closer.
        Maybe you have more books, annotations or complex libraries than I do, can’t tell. You should contact Olivetree support, they might help you out.


        • Robert Floyd says:

          My apologies, Alex. I didn’t mean to post this under your comment. I’ve sent a report to Olive Tree support, as, for the first time, the application is actually too unstable to trust in a teaching situation.

          While I do have a large number of resources on my iPad 2, there was never a problem prior to 5.9. I suspect the OT staff severely underestimated the complexity of their rewrite and are now trying to cope with the consequences. I’ve been in software development long enough to have been on both sides of that sort of change. I sympathize with them, but I also need to have a functioning product on which I can rely.

          • Alex says:

            No problem Robert, I feel your pain. Do you have the old 5.5 app as back up that you can install for now? I had both versions installed since first update came out. (I own 3 different Olivetree app versions, crazy I know).

      • Monty says:

        Hi Robert,

        We haven’t run into that issue as of yet. Can you send your diagnostics to our support team?
        To get the diagnostic data sent to our support team, you will need to open The Bible Study App. Then follow these steps:

            Select Settings from the toolbar (A* icon)
            Select Advanced Settings
            Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and select Bible+ diagnostics
            Select ‘Email Diagnostic Info’
            Send the email it generates to Support@OliveTree.com
        Our support team will follow-up with you from there. I’ll tell them to be on the lookout for it.

    • Monty says:

      Thanks Alex!

  • John says:

    Is there another update coming? 5.9.9 is still unusable on my ipad 3. I uninstalled and reinstalled but still extremely sluggish. The split screen does not always sync with the main screen. When I change to the next page, highlights often flash on and off (looks like I am playing a video game). I went back to 5.5.4 but I am hoping there will be an update to 5.9 soon.

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    Any time frame for another update to the 5.9.9 for the iOs.
    I am still having problems with the 5.9.9 on my iPod and have not upgraded on my iPad.

    • Monty says:

      Hi Donald,

      We’ve submitted an update to iTunes and are waiting for their approval. We hope that it will be this week.

      • Alex says:

        5.9.10 is already up on the bundle app versions (bible+maps, or NLT or KJV and alike) , I download it yesterday.

        • Monty says:

          Hi Alex,

          Yes, you are correct. We are waiting on approval for our free app Bible+. Thanks!

          • Jack says:

            Unfortunately 5.9.10 has major issues. “Go to” doesn’t bring me to the chapter/verse I select (sometimes it doesn’t even bring me to the right book). The resource guide doesn’t sync with page flips.

            I downloaded 2 fresh clean installs (ESV study bible, and NIV) and both started with the resource guide saying John 1:1, but the bible display started at Luke 23:56. Page swipes don’t update the resource guide which continues to display John 1:1.

            Clicking “Go To” Ezra 1:1 takes me to Ezra 3:8 and the resource guide still says John 1:1.


          • Monty says:

            Hi Jack,

            I’m sorry that you are having this issue. We do know that we can be a few lines off when navigating to a verse, but this sounds like there might be more going on with your resources. Can you email our support team at support@olivetree.com? Let us know the scrolling method (flick or page turn) you are using, and which orientation your device is in (portrait or landscape).

            We’ll do everything we can to solve this. Thank you for your patience.

          • Jack says:

            This can’t be a problem with my resources because it happens when a fresh clean install on the first time the app is ever launched. I downloaded the NIV app (it has never before been installed on my ipad), opened it for the first time and the resource guide says John 1:1 while the bible displays Luke 23:56 (a whole chapter off) along with the rest of the behavior I described above.

          • Monty says:


            Please reach out to our support team at support@olivetree.com. They should be able to help you with this, or at least be able to track down the issue.

          • Jack says:

            I did. They said it is a bug that they will fix in the next release.

  • Alex says:

    5.9.11 is out. Just started to sync ._.

  • Troy Mullens says:

    5.9.11 is working great. 88 active Bibles, commentaries, atlases, etc. the rest I archive until needed. Anyway, the syncing is quick and no crashes yet!

    • Monty says:

      Great! Thanks for the feedback Troy!

    • Donald Keiffer says:

      I tried it, still crashes every 3 or 4 minutes.
      Verrrrry dissapointed.

      • Troy Mullens says:

        @Donald: what platform are you using? I am using an iPad with iOS 8.02. I use it at least three hours per day. Very stable and responsive.

        • Donald Keiffer says:

          I am on an iPod Touch running 8.0
          I will not install it on my iPad yet because I don’t want to take the chance of having the same problems on it because I am retired and depend on Bible Reader many hours a day, couldn’t do without it, v

      • Jack says:

        5.9.11 is quite an improvement, but still has work to be done for it to be worth while for me to upgrade. Here are my findings:

        1) This version is significantly faster than previous 5.9.x versions for flipping through pages, and screen refreshes. This was the biggest drawback to upgrading, and is _almost_ there. Thanks for all the hard work.

        2) Sync’s with the resource guide work quite well.

        3) Highlight “speed” is not as fluid as in 5.5.4. What I mean by this, is I often flip through the bible looking for a passage that I have taken a note on or have highlighted. I know it is in the “middle of Isaiah” but I don’t remember where. So I flip through and slow down at parts I have highlighted (or where I see a note icon). In the old version the highlights were just there. In the new version, I have to pause on each page so see if something loads.

        4) Scrolling in the Resource Guide: The resource guide has always had an issue that when you are in a section (say the middle of a long introduction in a commentary) and you close biblereader (e.g. you “quit” biblereader), the resource guide starts over at the beginning of that section the next time it is launched. This was not a huge deal in 5.5.4 because I could quickly scroll to where I left off. In 5.9.11 just a single flick of the introduction to try to get me back to where I left off results in a blank screen in the resource guide. The screen turns blank, but if I scroll “back up” I see that I have been moved to earlier in the book (the forward, or the “abbreviations”. Images are distorted in those sections. I can scroll back down to the introduction, but as soon as I let the screen stop (either slow scroll or fast scroll) the page resets to earlier in the commentary. Thus I cannot resume reading where I left off. I have found if I read very slowly (and thus scroll in small amounts, and only occasionally) it seems to let me get further into the content.

        5) Bookmarks in the resource guide: In 5.5.4, I could bookmark a really neat paragraph, and it would bookmark right where I put the bookmark. In 5.9.11 a bookmark only marks the “section” – i.e. biblereader bookmarks the very beginning of the “introduction” even if I bookmarked a paragraph 3/4 the way through the intro.

        I keep Bible+ on my iPad at 5.5.4 as well as the latest release in my ESV StudyBible. 5.9.11 while a huge step in the right direction, still has enough idiosyncrasies to make it untenable for my current study.

        I have sent these to OliveTree Support. I love the BibleReader software. I have over $2K worth of commentaries etc invested in the platform. I’ll patiently wait for the promise of 5.9.11 to become a reality. This post is simply to show there are enough issues to make it not quite up to the level of 5.5.4, and not usable for my studies.


        • Jack says:

          The commentary I was using when describing the resource guide “introduction” issues is Understanding the Bible Commentary. I am studying the book of Revelation. I have not tried it with other commentaries, or from other books.

  • John says:

    I have tried every version since 5.9 and always went back to 5.5.4 due to erratic behaviour and general sluggishness. I installed 5.9.11 and while it seemd much more responsive than earler versions, I was still experiencing issues with “go to”. It would sometimes take me to a different verse than what I had indicated. I did the “clear content cache” and “rescan library” under Settings and that seemed to take care of the problem. So far, it seems like this update will be quite usable on my ipad 3. No problems at all in my iphone 4s. Thanks, Olive Tree, for working hard to fix all the issues! Keep it up!

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