Bible+ 6.0 for Windows Desktop is Here!

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It’s Here! Download Today!

Click here to download Bible+ 6.0 for Windows Desktop!

Note: Your current Windows Desktop app will not automatically update to Bible+ 6.0. You will have to manually download & install it from our website via the link above. This release only works on Windows 7 and higher.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect with this update.

Look and Feel

One of the first things you’ll notice when you open the new Bible+ app is that it looks different. The look has been updated with a color scheme that better reflects our company’s branding, while flattening the icons for a sleeker look. Even though the app looks different, the way you interact with the app has not changed. This design refresh is meant to get the app out of the way so you can focus more on the content you’re studying.

This design refresh also means many of our resources will look better on your Windows desktop. No longer do you have to manually look up passages because they were in a table that was converted to a graphic. Things like tables now display in the app like they should, enabling us to hyperlink passages within them. Images will flow better with the text, along with many other visual improvements.

Along with the interface refresh we have significantly improved the app’s performance. Scroll through text faster. Navigate menus more efficiently. Watch Resource Guide populate quicker. All around we’ve made the app better to help you study with fewer distractions.

Old Windows Desktop

Bible+ 6.0

New Titles

One of the biggest advantages of the Bible+ 6.0 Update for Windows Desktop is all the new titles you can add to your library. Our old app had significant limitations in its ability to display text, which kept us from creating resources with complex layouts. We now have the ability to display interlinear Bibles, text-wrapped images, and properly-formatted tables. The update also gives us the ability to make our resources more closely resemble what you would find in print.

With this update, you can now enjoy all the same resources that our iOS and Android users have been enjoying, including interlinear Bibles, Gospel harmonies, the BHS with Critical Apparatus, the Reformation Study Bible, and Tyndale Commentaries to name a few.

You will also be able to purchase hundreds of new eBooks that were not available on our old platform. So not only do our books look nicer, but you can build a more robust Bible study library, too.

Bible+ 6.0 with Internlinear


  • David Griffin says:

    Darn it. (I’m sad.) Though this is a much needed update, it makes the software run smooth as eggs but still when I search for a term like premillenial, amillenial or postmillenial the search limitations only search for the word/term if its in the bible… and I was looking for the term in all my library. It still won’t search throughout all the books in my library like a global search like Word—— X. AWWWW! Please fix this, I so would prefer to study this in Olivetree and not somewhere else.

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      David, glad you’re enjoying the new update. The Windows Desktop does search your entire library, not just your Bibles. I just performed the searches you mentioned and got hits in my commentaries, study Bibles, and dictionaries. The only caveat is that you have to make sure the word you’re searching is spelled correctly (you need an extra “n” in millennial), as the search looks for the exact phrase as typed.

  • David says:

    Great news can’t wait to get home to do the download and give it a test drive!

  • Ben says:

    When’s the Mac version going to get the similar update to allow the advanced layout of resources?

  • Pastor Chad says:

    Great job! Looking forward to the update to my favorite chip-based tool 😀

  • Denis says:

    Great. I will install in my Windows 10 desktop. But we can get some hope about Windows Mobile version? Windows 10 any platform version to run in my Windows Phone?

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Denis, we have no plans to create an app for Windows Mobile at this time.

      • josh says:

        this is a FAIL. Microsoft’s Universal App platform should make this a manageable effort.
        I am so sad that my first favorite Bible study tool has abandoned and turned its back on it’s native platform.

        • LaRosa Johnson says:

          Josh, we’re sorry you feel that way. As still a fairly small company, we must make tough decisions on which platforms we are going to support. At this time Windows Phone does not have enough market share for us to consider developing for the platform, given our limited resources. That is not to say we won’t in the future, it is just not on the table at this time.

      • Jon says:

        With Project Centennial on the horizon, converting to Universal Windows Apps should be easier.

        Here’s a talk about it from the MS Build conference back in April.

        Also, is the desktop app touch-friendly?

        • LaRosa Johnson says:

          Jon, yes our Windows desktop app works with touch screens. It is not officially supported, but we have tested it and it works.

      • Billy says:

        Do you think it will work on the Phone when Windows 10 comes to the phone?

        • LaRosa Johnson says:

          Billy, even with the release of Windows 10, we still have no plans to release a Windows Phone app at this time.

          • Micah says:

            Hi LaRosa. Is there an update on building a universal windows app? The more I use the ones coming out, the more potential I see in them. It would be awesome if there was one available to use cross platform!

        • josh says:

          I don’t think so. The way I understand it, even though they can use the same code, Apps have to be specifically published for the phone to be available on a phone. (and that would require somebody figuring out how to layout the existing controls for the desktop app on a phone)

      • Wynn Smith says:

        After trying others for a year, I’m back to the Windows Phone. Live tiles, single tabs, notifications that recognize Bluetooth; I’m actually productive again…. But heart broken after spending money at OliveTree to replace my WinPhone Study Bible to get an Android version. Now the Windows Store doesn’t have any WinPhone version. How do I get the older version for WinPhone 10?

  • James says:

    With the improvements that the new Android version brought, I was really looking forward to getting this on my computer, too. Unfortunately, all I can get the .msi package to produce is “Bible Study 6 Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error. Your system has not been modified.” Windows 7 Pro, ESET NOD32 Antivirus, up-to-date OS

  • Alan says:

    …when will Bible app be ready for Windows 8.1 mobile?

  • Steve Rafalsky says:

    Any (even rough) idea when the upgrade for Macs will be out?

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    Glad to see a new update for windows.
    I downloaded, installed and clicked on the sync button and 12 hours later (all night long) and still nothing. The little dots are still going around in a circle, What do you suggest?

  • Larry says:

    I’ve installed but it appears I’ll need to re-download some of my books because of the new format?

    Also, I see it leaves v5.9 intact. Any problem uninstalling v5.9 at some point in the future?

    Looking forward to the new format!

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Larry, yes that is correct. You need to redownload your resources because of the new format. Also, you can safely uninstall the old version of the app without it affecting the new install.

  • Ulisses says:

    Great update!
    Although, as already pointed out here, you will need to redownloaded everything, and it’s true. You can safely remove the previous version.

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    Will this run on a windows rt8.1 Surface?

  • Randy says:

    Will all of my previously installed books still work on the new app?

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Randy, you will have to re-download your books with the new Windows Desktop app. This app utilizes our new book format, which requires you to have the updated version of each book.

  • Max says:

    Hi. i am trying it on Windows 7 Ultimate, but the installation stops prematurely. am i doing something wrong?

  • Wynn Smith says:

    Please support the Windows Phone. Like many of us, I became an Olivetree customer because of the original Windows Phone version.

  • Jim Bryan says:

    I have tried multiple times to install, then re-install Bible Study ver. 6.1.1. It appears to install but will not launch. I am also unable to find where the installed files may be………..

    Any help would be appreciated.


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