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Bible+ 6.0 Splash Screen

You might have heard that we’ve been working on a big update for Bible+ on iOS. The rumors are true and it’s our biggest release to date. With this update we’ve completely redesigned the look and feel of the app so you can study the Bible better. We took a lot of your feedback into consideration and are confident this app is much easier to use and better looking than anything we’ve done before. But, with a new look and feel come changes. Today we want to tell you about some of the more important changes and new features in Bible+ 6.0 for iOS.

My Stuff

Remember that icon in Bible+ 5 that looked like a briefcase? Do you know what it was for? If not, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, a lot of our users didn’t know what it was for either. After listening to your feedback, we finally got the message that we needed to rethink that icon’s functionality. In it’s place we implemented a centralized menu where most of the app’s features now reside. Looking for your notes, highlights or book ribbons? Now all you have to do is tap the “hamburger menu” icon at the top left. The same is true with reading plans, or anything else you’re looking for. Everything is organized according to its function in the app, so you can find what you’re looking for at a glance. This change alone makes Bible+ much easier to use.

Bible + 5.0 vs Bible + 6.0 - My Stuff

Bible+ 5 vs Bible+ 6.0 – My Stuff

Verse Navigation

In changing the look and feel of the app, we thought it was time to give the verse chooser a much needed face lift. Gone are the tan and gray boxes. Welcome a more streamlined design that is easy on the eyes. And, if you want a more colorful verse chooser (see below), you can tap the gear icon & turn on the shading effect. Another change is in how you access the verse chooser. Instead of having a separate “Go To” button cluttering the screen, you now tap on the book title or passage to bring up the verse chooser. Alternatively, you can access it from the main menu, but that makes it a two-step process. The new verse navigation helps Bible+ get out of the way so you can study without distraction.

Old vs. New Verse Chooser

Old vs. New Verse Chooser

Night Reading Mode

We know that a lot of you like to study your Bible or read a devotional before the sun comes up or late at night. That proved difficult in the Bible study app because it felt like the bright screen was blinding you when in a dimly lit room. Even lowering the brightness of the device didn’t do much to help with the problem. Well, we’ve finally done something about that. With Bible+ 6.0 we are introducing a dark theme that is conducive to reading in low light situations. Toggling the feature only requires two taps: 1) tap the menu icon, 2) tap on the dark theme & you’re done.

Night Reading Theme in Bible+ 6.0

Night Reading Theme in Bible+ 6.0

Saved Passages

This is a relatively minor change, but it is another that comes as a direct result of your feedback. Book ribbons and bookmarks, what’s the difference between the two? Honestly, most Olive Tree employees couldn’t clearly articulate the difference either. Therefore we thought it was time to change the terminology to better reflect what each does. Book ribbons remain unchanged, and should be used like you use the book ribbon in your Bible. You use it to mark your place in a book or Bible for future reading. Book ribbons are meant to serve as temporary placeholders.

Bookmarks, on the other hand, are now called “Saved Passages.” Saved passages are better used as long term markers for verses you would like to navigate to again in the future. This change in terminology better reflects how the feature is to meant to be used in the app. You’ll see this change in two places. First, when you tap on a verse to save a passage, the popup menu now says “Save” instead of “Bookmark.” And the main menu says “Saved Passages” instead of “Bookmarks.”

Bible+ 6.0 Popup Menu

Bible+ 6.0 Popup Menu

Saved Passages in the Study Helpers Section of the Menu

Saved Passages in the Study Helpers section of the Menu

Changing Font Size

Changing the font size was another feature that got a minor update. Again, thanks to your feedback and expressing the confusion of not knowing whether to tap the briefcase or the “A with the gear,” we made this change with you in mind. Now all you have to do is tap the new menu icon and then increase or decrease the font size. No more having to remember where the setting is. And, if you need to change more settings, those are now found near the bottom of the menu.

Bible+ 5.0 vs. Bible+ 6.0 - Font Size

Bible+ 5 vs. Bible+ 6.0 – Font Size

Leave Your Feedback

If you enjoy what we’ve done with the Bible+ 6.0 update please do a couple things for us: 1) rate and/or review the app in the App Store, and 2) share the app with your friends. Those 4 & 5 star ratings help us have greater visibility in the App Store, and word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Thanks for your years of support, it means a lot! We wouldn’t be here without you & we did this update for you!

Note: Bible+ 6.0 will only work on iOS 8 or later.

Update (10/28/2015)

Click here to get answers to some of the more frequently asked questions concerning the new app.


  • charlie says:

    sure wish we had the search results back in a split or main window, for better navigation, less result clipping, etc…

    Still love the product. Keep up the great work.

  • Alex says:

    Looks very good, can’t wait to try it on my iPad.

    • Bruce says:

      Looks good on my iPad as well.
      But I would like the option to change the background color, especially when I am reading a Bible on the left (primary) and a commentary on the right (secondary). The secondary pane has a darker background, which for me is a little harder to read.

  • Denis Rodrigues Cassiano says:

    Hi Guys,

    Really amazing layout and new font is very good. But i need know… will be released a version to universal windows 10 apps? To desktop and Lumia phones?

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Denis, we do not have plans to release for Windows Phone at this time.

      • Georges says:

        How can we suggest that you plan it for the future ? Your Windows Store app works well under Windows 10 and scales well when the window is resized. It seems ready for a phone format.
        Is it possible to vote somewhere or express our wish ? Thanks in advance.

        • LaRosa Johnson says:

          Georges, your request has been noted. We are always looking at newer platforms to support. But, we are still a relatively small company with limited resources, so we have to be mindful of the platforms we support given our current number of developers.

  • Peter V. Kish says:

    The copy verse feature is a bit off. Too many line spaces at in the NASB Strongs version example below

    Psalms 116:2

    2 Because He has inclined His ear to me,

    Therefore I shall call upon Him as long as I live.

    • Colin Yau says:

      I copy many verses to Evernote and this is a real problem. Seems to happen to different bibles and cannot be resolved with changing fonts. I am not upgrading one of my iPad till this is resolved.

      • L. Harris says:

        I agree 100%. While OliveTree continues to rule the bible software area a on iOS, there are some kinks. Wish the line spacing non-existent. Makes copy and paste fustrating especially when pasted to a document with bullet points.

  • Dennis says:

    Not sure if you know but on AppStore it’s a bit hard to find- even looking for bible+ returns two others first…

  • Zach says:

    Split view support for the iPad please!

    • David Trotz says:

      We plan on it. But it is going to be delayed for a bit.

    • Winston says:

      I bought the iPad Pro to be able to prepare my sermons while having the split view, the bible programme and pages. So I am very eagerly looking forward to the release.
      Hope it will be applied soon!
      blessings, Winston

      • Winston says:

        Is there any news on when the iPad App will support the iOS 9 Multitasking Split View for the iPad Pro? I really need it for my sermon preparation. That was my sole reason for buying the iPad Pro, since I am using iPad only for sermon preparation and preaching (sermon notes)

        • Greg says:

          Can I put my amen to this please? I’m sure the developers are hard at work I and I greatly appreciate all that you folks do for us, but this would be a great feature.

          • Henry Au says:

            I am surprised that the split screen has not yet been support before the iOS 10 is coming. It is almost a year from the 6.0 release. I have just changed back to Olive Tree Bible App since 2.0 because I am frustrated by the Logos iOS App development. Because the developers just treat the iOS platform as second-class citizen and complementary to the desktop app. I made a switch from iMac to iPad as the only work machine and would like to invest more on a platform who put the iOS first. And I believe the power of iPad will become so great that we can have desktop class bible study app on iPad one day(the iPad Pro is so powerful now though I am using iPad Air 2). I hope Olive Tree can stay committed to the mobile platform and implement more desktop-class bible study tools features (like logos desktop version) in their mobile app. Though I can say Olive Tree bible app is the king of the bible study in term of study in original language because the one tap gloss feature (and offline resource and search).

      • Clymmer says:

        Amen! This would be the most helpful feature. The rest of the app is a blessing, but lack of iOS split screen is a major hindrance when trying to take notes. O get the split window thing…but I keep my notes in Evernote (or…maybe OneNote soon), so switching back and forth, while doable, is clunky. A true iOS split screen would solve that.

        Please consider adding this feature sooner, rather than later (than it has been so far).


  • Marcha Rushing says:

    I love the night theme! Love the other changes too except the Titles of the books in the library are very light and there is no way I see to change it. Also the title headings in the “hamburger menu” are very light.

    • Jeffrey says:

      I agree with Marcha. It is very difficult to read. Please have someone that does not have perfect 20/20 vision check this on a device. I’m not in my 20s anymore.

  • Mike says:

    Some things I like; others are a step back. Running iOS9 on an iPhone 6s.
    1. For “Go To” there is no difference between “show verse grid” and “show compact verse grid” (at least in NIV-WS and ESV-Strongs). We’ve lost the ability to chose from all the books without scrolling.
    2. Night theme looks hideous on a Bible with Strongs. The unimportant words are bright white, and the key words are dark. That could be fixed by changing colors, but then day theme would be unreadable.
    3. There are some great fixes. Using NIV-WS, I no longer struggle to select a footnote instead of an adjacent look-up word. Tapping on the separator tab opens and closes the split screen once more. On the other hand, it is still almost impossible to use the two-finger scroll down when vertical scrolling is selected.
    Net: I’m happy to have the new version, but I am looking forward to 6.1.

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Mike, thanks for the comments. I’m glad you like the new app. I will be sure to pass along your comments & suggestions to our development team.

    • Mike says:

      I spent a bunch of time using search yesterday. I can’t tell you specifically what I like better, but I definitely like the new version more. Nice job.

  • Ben says:

    I am wondering if you could make the verse chooser a bit bigger to include all books, including Revelation. See the first picture of the blog: the old verse chooser includes all books of the (Protestant) canon. Thanks for a great product. Ben

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Ben, in the “Go To” menu settings, there is an option for a compact grid, which makes the text smaller so that all the books can fit on the screen.

  • James King says:

    As this is for ‘i’ products I presume that means no Android. Yet. Also, what about Win10, as I still use my desktop and can type on a keyboard much faster than the hunt and peck of pads phones and tablets.

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Yes, this user interface update was only for iOS. We do have apps for both Android and Windows, both of which received substantial updates this summer. All the same resources you can access on iOS can be accessed on those platforms.

  • Ronan says:

    Any plans for Android users, since a lot more people uses Android instead of iOS?

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Ronan, we just released a big update for Android this summer, but we are continually working on making improvements to it.

      • Ronan says:

        Yes, Android version is on 6.0, which I am surprised to find out that the big update for Android this summer was based on version 5 on iOS, so there are still the briefcase and the “A with a gear” on the Android version for example.

        • LaRosa Johnson says:

          You are correct. Here is the reasoning behind the version numbers. Our iOS 5.9 release last year was going to named 6.0, but we decided to go with 5.9 because all the updates were “under the hood” and came with no new features. We wanted to save the 6.0 name for when we implemented the new user interface, which is why this release is 6.0. We didn’t want to say “Here’s 6.0!” but there be nothing visibly new for the user.

          Android is currently 6.0 because it got all the same under the hood changes as the iOS 5.9 release, but it also included LOTS of new features, which brought greater feature parity with iOS. Plus, it got a minor face lift because of its dated Gingerbread design. The new features on Android justified the 6.0 name on that platform. That being said, Android will eventually get another design makeover to give it a similar look as our iOS 6.0 app, but that is still down the road.

          I hope that clears up some of the confusion.

        • David Trotz says:

          When we released our 6.0 release for Android in many subtle ways the Android reader was ahead of iOS. We have many updates planned for Android in this coming year so stay tuned. 🙂

  • Bentley says:

    Hi, it’s me again. I have three things to say.

    First, when I suggested making the verse chooser slightly bigger, I mean for the iPad, not the iPhone.

    Second, when I update my books in Olive Tree 6.0.0, the books are still indicated as not updated even after termininating and restarting the Olive Tree app in iOS.

    Thirdly, there is an Olive Tree mystery on my two iPads: On my old iPad, Olive Tree occupies 4.1 gbs of local storage according to iOS Settings. But on my new iPad, Olive Tree occupies only 148 mbs, which is physically impossible because it contains over 500 volumes of Olive Tree books (for which I paid slightly over $4000 spread over 9 years). At first I thought that my books on the new iPad are accessible only online, not offline, but a quick test seems to indicate that all my books are available offline. This is either a mystery or a miracle (or my technical ignorance). Here are the specs of the two iPads:

    My old iPad 3 (64 gbs) is running iOS 6.1.3 and Olive Tree
    My new iPad Air 2 (128 gbs) is running iOS 9.0.2 and Olive Tree 6.0.0

    In any case, I have always been happy with Olive Tree, and have recommended it to at least 7 or 8 friends so far.

    Thanks for your great work!


    • LaRosa Johnson says:


      1. On devices similar to the iPhone 5 (the screen size), the verse chooser defaults to “compact mode” and if you scroll past the quick jump, everything should fit on the screen. But, I understand what you mean and will pass along the request to our developers.
      2. Book updates is a known issue that we are actively investigating.
      3. I think this is just a peculiarity of iOS. For instance, I have 2 copies of our app installed (one personal, one for testing), and the personal account has far more resources downloaded, yet the testing app shows more disk usage in the iOS settings.

      Thanks for your continued support & for telling your friends about us!

    • James says:

      I am curious as to when version 6..0 will be available also on Android.

  • Daniel Thomas says:

    I wish I had given this suggestion before 6.0 was released. You could still work on it and possibly include in the next update.

    My suggestion is about Notes. I use My Notes in a split screen mode for my preaching and bible studies that I lead. Notes does not have any formatting feature presently. So, I’m unable to highlight or give a bold or italic or color to a paragraph heading or main points/subpoints etc. I may want to introduce some cues in my notes and format those differently.

    In the absence of this feature, all I have in front of me as I preach, is a monochromatic note. If I raise my eyes to look at the audience, I’m not sure my eyes go back to where I had lifted them from.

    I think you know what I mean. With an update to My Notes, the App can become a powerful tool for the preacher or bible study leader.

    Please work on it.



    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Daniel, thanks for the suggestion and we’ll be sure to pass it along to our development team for future consideration.

    • PL says:

      Great update, thanks! A few areas of feedback:

      1) Please provide option to copy the settings from one device to another. Setting up my Resource Guide preferences etc is always time-consuming when setting up a new device.

      2) Need a Back and Forward button on the main reading screen, just like a browser. This allows quick, easy, and intuitive jumping between verses in a church or group Bible study setting. (Long press to see a history list, just like browsers.)

      3) Need to have an Update All and Download All button in the Store (Updates screen & Purchased screen).

      4) One thing that’s been bugging me since the internal format change: The listings on the Resource Guide should all have a consistent font and font size. Right now the Sermons, Charts, and some other sections default to the content’s font and font size, as well as the subheadings when you drill into the next level of Commentaries. I know you want to show the publisher’s set fonts and font sizes, but visually it looks really unprofessional – words are cut off, lines are cut in half, etc. It looks broken to me all the time.


    • Daniel Thomas says:

      The earlier version had a choice of background called ‘book image’, which could be toggled on or off. I loved it. It gave the feel of looking into a real book.

      Realised after upgrading on my phone that ver 6 doesn’t have it. Please reinstate this.

      I’ve decided not to upgrade on my iPad until this week s fixed.


  • Robert says:

    Absolutely stunning love the changes

  • Otto Irizarry says:

    God bless you. Thank you for the new version. Only one thing. At different verses have notes for them, but when opening them now they don’t open full page, have to dig into the notes section, find the corresponding note, and open it there for it to open full page.
    10/20/2015 – 07:24 EDT

  • Don Ossman says:

    I like everything except I wish you would have left the forward/back history icon at the top. The two finger sliding left and right to go forward or back in the history does not work very well. Bring the history icon feature back.

    • Mike says:

      I agree about the two-finger slide being unreliable. It takes me from 1 to 5 slides before it recognizes the “history back”. While we’re making suggestions, how about letting us program the single finger slides that are not in the direction we chose for scrolling? For example, since I use vertical scrolling, I could then program the left/right slides to be history forward/back.

  • Gustavo says:

    i’m having a problem with “verse of the day”, erevery time I go for that i recive the massage “COULD NOT LOAD VERSE FROM URL”…..
    WHAT CAN i DO TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, the device is a iphone 6 plus. tks

  • Ricardo Urbina says:

    Everything looks great! I haven’t seen the iPad version but the iPhone one looks and feels better than ever.

    I miss the briefcase icon because you could use it to open a note for editing. The split window can remember the current note, but launching the resource guide takes over the split window and you lose your note. If you could add the note sorting controls to the split window it would be great (sort by last edit and that’s it). Categories would be nice too.

    • LaRosa Johnson says:


      Yes, a few behaviors were removed with the redesign, this being one of them. You can still access notes from the main menu. And categorization of notes has been a feature for a while. You can do it while editing the note, and when open in split window, you have the ability to add a category (the button is at the bottom of the Notes view).

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    New update looks/works good on my iPodTouch but I have one complaint in that all windows with grey background and dark grey text are verrrrry hard to read. Example would be the Library page where the background is light grey with grey text, why can’t the text be black so we can read it.
    Thank you,

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    When I have a question about the Bible Reader and submit a support question it takes several days to get a reply.
    Would it be at all possible for Olive Tree to have an online Forum so we can ask each other questions about the use of your Bible + application?
    I am on other forums and they are very easy to use and all the users are very helpful in answering questions.
    Maybe have sections for each of the different devices.
    Thank you,

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Donald, we used to have a forum but it got very little activity and we constantly had to filter out spam. It wasn’t a good use of our time and resources to maintain it at the time. It is something we may consider adding again in the future, but we have no immediate plans to do so.

  • John Lill says:

    I really like the new look – but I miss the History icon! I used to get to the history with 1 tap, now I have to tap the main “hamburger” icon, then down to Reading History. I use that feature all the time so I hope you will bring back that icon! Also, the 2 finger swipe for previous history does not work all the time (it used to!). Sometimes, a 2 finger swipe just scrolls a page. Also, it seems to take longer for the app to open than the previous version.

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      John, yes, this was one of the design compromises that was made with the new design. In the app settings under “Gestures/Shortcuts” you do have the option to assign or replace one of the gestures with a shortcut to quickly open history. A good option for this would be the two finger tap, if you’re not already using it for another shortcut.

      • John Lill says:

        good idea! Thanks for the tip.

      • Duncan says:

        such a shame for disabled people like myself who find the two fingered tap awkward. I used to love that history icon. If you just remove the shopping cart icon, you will have space for the history icon. I’m sure all of us need the history icon more,

  • Rosemary Filyaw says:

    So far as I can tell the new IOS version is so much better.
    Please hurry and fix a new one for android. I use my Nook with the Olive Tree app to use in church. I have arthritis in my hands and I don’t take my big bible to church anymore.
    Thanks for always trying to improve your program.

  • Tammy says:

    I am using an iPhone 5s, fully updated with most recent upgrades. I downloaded the app then started reading this forum. I’ve read all the posts and replies, so I’m guessing it’s been about 15 -20 minutes. My phone still says “Loading” and the wheel is still spinning. Any suggestions?

  • Alan says:

    I agree wholeheartedly,

  • Bethany says:

    Have you given any more thought to my request for personalized reading plans? It’s been over a year since I first requested them and I’m sure I’m not the only person that would find this very beneficial.

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      It’s a suggestion that is still being considered, but we have no immediate plans to implement custom reading plans.

      • Bethany says:

        What I want it for is to be able to create a reading list that matches my Bible Study Fellowship passages for each week’s homework.
        Perhaps you could get in touch with Bible Study Fellowship and co-create one with them for all the 450,000 men, women and children involved in those studies? Might even boost usage and purchases.

  • Mike Bishop says:

    I have not upgraded yet and I’m a little reluctant to do so because I like the current layout and have gotten very used to it. I am not confused by the briefcase, book ribbons, or bookmarks, so none of those changes are particularly attractive to me. I currently find very easy and quick to set ribbons–just one tap on the ribbon icon when I’m at the verse I want, but I don’t see the ribbon icon in the screenshots of the new version. I use ribbons all the time. One example is that I can take a quick look at our bulletin before service starts and in very short time mark all the passages we’ll be looking at with a ribbon: the call to worship, our regular consecutive reading, and the sermon text(s). It looks like that task will now turn into a multilayer navigation for each ribbon using the one icon that’s left. Please tell me this isn’t so.

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Mike, we have not gotten rid of book ribbons. All the screenshots posted in this post were cropped, so the right side of the screen was not shown. If you look at the screenshot for night reading mode, you will see the book ribbon marker. Book ribbons still function in the same way they always have.

  • Manfred says:

    Thanks for your great work; the new design is great! Being a power user for many years I still have two requests that remain especially for the iPhone:
    1) The design of the book/verse chooser (and the menus in general) is nice – but NOT reader friendly. In the past it was too dark; now the font is too thin, especially when shading is turned on. Could you give an option to change the font there as well? Or at least give an option to turn the background color (grey this time) off – and may be change the font color to black – , so that the contrast is better?

    2) I would love to see an option to change the space between the lines in any given font (“leading”). You changed it for some fonts (I noticed it for Greek) in the new design, but it would be great to be able to choose the desired leading myself for better individual readability.

    One remark re. the “hamburger menu”: The idea is very good. But could you give an option to put the “App Settings” much higher up, because I need it relatively often to change something whereas “Book Store” or “Notifications” are needed much more rarely.

    • John Lill says:

      Ah, the problems of designing an app that many different folks use! We all have our own way to use the app that is best for us. You want app settings moved up and notifications moved down. For me, once I set my preferences, I rarely need to go to app settings – but I use Notifications every day (to access the verse of the day). So I like it the way it is!

  • Jörg Dudda says:

    Great Update, thanks. I use Bible Reader for many years on different platforms and appreciate how you constantly Keep developping it!!!

    Just a few things:
    The pop-up window for notes should have the option to open in split screen or main screen.
    References in the Ressource Guide in light grey on white background look nice but are very hard to read. Black on white would be preferable.
    The menu bar disappears every now and then. Need to close and reopen the App to have it back. It seems that toggling the scroll mode brings it back too… 🙂

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Thanks for the kind words. To make the menu bar reappear just tap the screen. It’s a quick toggle for distraction free reading.

  • Roger says:

    Wonderful update!!! Thanks to the developers. I use Logos, Accordance and OliveTree. I like Logos best for Mac and PC, but with for the mobile platform, nothing beats OliveTree!

    • Fabian says:

      I agree with the read experience. The OliveTree looks more natural like a real book. For longer reading it’s great.

      But for searching, nothing beats Bible Study with Accordance.

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    Suggestions for iPad.
    Move “Hamburger” to right side that way it doesn’t cover up the verse numbers and the beginning of the text.
    Make menu boxes wider for “Search” and “Hamburger”.
    If you make the popup box for “Choose Book” you could add one or two more columns and make text larger for each Bible book.
    Menu boxes should have a lighter background color with darker text and larger font. A must for those of us who do not have 20/20 vision any more.
    Move “Read” and “Study Helpers” above “Engage” in the “Hamburger” menu box. Most needed at the top, less needed at the bottom.
    Bring back the “History” icon and put it on the top left of screen.
    Split window menu (black circle with …) on “Notes” screen brings up dialog window in middle of screen, make it larger and make text black and larger.
    Note “actions” button; make actions pages black text on the grey backgrounds top and bottom of pages.
    Why can’t all popup windows be full screen with larger text? Or at least half screen with larger text?

    Problems with new upgrade:
    Unable to change background color of split window, when I choose light grey I still get white.

  • Minnie says:

    Ya learn sothiemng new everyday. It’s true I guess!

  • Barry says:

    Any updates on iOS9 Multi Task Support? Would LOVE to be able to use my iPad Pro more effectively

  • Henry says:

    Any news about Olive Tree App 7.0?

  • Tecarta and PDF Expert says:

    Any news on the split view? I am using the Tecarta app now since it supports it. Tecarta and PDF expert is all you need. I suggest you all switch

  • Duncan says:

    I only recently updates to version 6. Things I miss from version 5 in descending order are:

    1) History icon on main screen. I used to be able to preach from this app, just by using the history icon. 2 digit gestures are less intuitive, slower, and painful due to my disability.

    2) Ability to quickly change font in the secondary window. You now have to go into the main menu, and go a few steps down into the menu system. Then you have to navigate out of that menu, so that it doesn’t open there the next time. Takes ages!

    3) ‘LIBRARY’ button has been replace by a strange picture of 3 books that doesn’t really look much like books. Feels less intuitive.

    4) ‘GO TO’ button, has been replaced with clicking on the verse reference. Feels less intuitive.

    5) The book look to the page has gone. Now I feel more like I’m at a computer screen.

    For me personally, the old version gave a more immersive experience. But give me back a history button and I’ll feel better 😉

  • Mark says:

    Any chance that you will provide a “readers view” as many apps now do (e.g. ESV app) where all supplementary info is removed from the display (verse numbers, highlights, colours, etc) and just the Bible text is displayed – as per the various Readers Bible versions now available? He ESV app does this really well.

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