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Bible+ 6.0 Splash Screen

Bible+ 6 for iOS has been out for a little more than a week now and the feedback we’ve received has been amazing. We at Olive Tree felt this was our best release to date, and you, our users, have confirmed what we believed. Today we want to share with you some of the positive feedback we’ve received in the App Store.

“My favorite app just got even better with this update”
– Chilldaddy

“Almost every problem I had with the previous version in term of usability and design are ‘fixed’ in this version. Good job!”
– iphone4lah

“This new update is totally awesome. Love it! Love it! Totally love it! Welcome back, Olive Tree, this time MUCH BETTER than before!! :-)”
– JoeJMV

“The new update is fantastic, really easy and intuitive! I’ve been a long time Olive Tree user and it just keeps getting better! This really is the best Bible app for true studying.”
– bmaloy

“The new UI looks so great. This design and updates to this new version were very well thought through and it shows. …Hurray for Dark Mode! …I also like that user feedback is taken into account for future releases – the developers listened to some of my suggestions in changing the names of bookmarks vs book ribbons to be less confusing. ‘Saved Passages’ is much more clear in its purpose and intent; users are now less likely to be confuse these with ‘book ribbons’ …Overall, great job guys keep up the good work!”
– Keifer86442

“Oh man, you guys made my day with this update. ”
– nordical

“This is the best Bible app I’ve found. Trust me, I’ve tried several. With this latest update, the layout functionality is even more user friendly and looks great. I’m very happy that the folks at Olive Tree continue to improve this app. It makes the purchase so worth it. I’m literally giddy over this update!”
– victorialchoo24

“Olive Tree has really raised the bar with this new version. The look and feel with iOS 9 is amazing. The app is optimized without losing speed in search, taking notes, or highlighting… I’ve tried other readers, but always come back to BibleReader.”
– G-Pappy

“My initial experience with v6 has been very positive. I honestly love the new design. The old design felt a bit like a 90s website with all of the beige and gradients, but v6 feels much more modern and slick… On the whole, it’s a solid update. Thank you developers!”
– blindseeker777

“I had dabbled with Olive Tree over the years, never jumping in. Last month I gave it another try and am so glad I did. The v6 update is outstanding. By far the best reading and study tool on the store. It’s like a developers text editor. Invest a little time setting it up, and it becomes an extension of you. Love it.”
– rivalsociety

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If you enjoy what we’ve done with the Bible+ 6.0 update please do a couple things for us: 1) rate and/or review the app in the App Store, and 2) share the app with your friends. Those 4 & 5 star ratings help us have greater visibility in the App Store, and word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Thanks for your years of support, it means a lot! We wouldn’t be here without you & we did this update for you!


  • Jon says:

    So, dare I ask–when’s it coming to Android? 🙂

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Our 6.0 update for Android was released over the summer. We have plans to update the look of the app to more closely align with the new iOS update, but do not have a date for that at this time.

      • Jon says:

        Oh! I thought I still had 5.4 something, but yeah, it is 6.0.something…

        That leaves (I think) only the Mac app at 5.something–and I know it’s not new, because some of my modules don’t show up there…

        But thanks for that correction!

        • LaRosa Johnson says:

          Yes, our Mac app is the last remaining app that requires an update to 6.0, which we are actively working on.

          • olena boboshko says:

            I used to like this app, but since the last update it’s not working properly! For example, there is no way to delete a highlighting (let’s say i highlighted something by mistake and want to change it or deleted). Also, the [] are not usable. Comments are not related to the text like it used to before. Now, let’s say you are reading Genesis, and when you click on any of the [] it will show you the list of comments not even related to this book, chapter, and the word itself, like it used to be before. Now it just throw you anywhere into comments, but not the one you want to see. It is totally useless now!

  • Sandy says:

    My husband has several sermons in his Olive Tree Notes. He would use his Notes on his iPad while he preached. After the update, he can’t get his Notes to expand to the full screen, making them not really feasible to use while preaching. Please tell me how to expand Notes to full screen again. This is a vital feature that many of his minister friends use as well. Thank you.

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      Sandy, we plan to return the ability to make notes full screen in a future update.

    • Jon says:

      I don’t know if this will work on the iPad, but on my Android tablet, in the split view mode (bottom half), I choose “my stuff” and then Notes and then my note. You can drag the split window almost clear to the very top of the screen. This is how i get my notes “full screen” now. But I don’t know if the iOS app works the same. If so, maybe it’ll do for now.

  • Robin Brenchley says:

    The update is great, thank you. One question – are there any plans to make the iPad app compatible with slideover and side by side multitasking?

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      It is being considered, but it may not happen immediately because we want to make sure it’s implemented well without negatively impacting our app.

  • Evang. Samuel Daramola says:

    Great work – no doubt, and I pray the Almighty God bless and reward you all in Jesus name. Amen!!!
    However, this new version surely just can’t match the structure, layout and the design of the immediate prior Olive tree Bible iOS version.
    I upgraded by mistake and wishing to downgrade my to the previous version I had on my iPad, as this new one take a noticeable time to open Bible pages or commentaries frequnetly displaying ‘loading..’.
    The Previously olive tree default background especially makes a feel as if I’m reading a physical literal paper version not this kind of strangely white background which we now have in this version 6. This version 6 is not too different from any other Bible app out there, but the version 5 excel them all!
    How I wish you can retain the default literal Bible-like colour background we previously have , in this new version.
    While I thank & praise the Lord for you hard work on this latest version, I honestly can liken it with Windows 8 which dipped Microsoft sale until they had to quickly come up with Windows 10 because from users experience window 7 is far more friendlier & better than window 8.
    Kindly restore the old default background or email me with the link to downgrade to the immediate prior version of olive tree Bible.
    Thanks and God bless!!!

  • John says:

    This new update has a lot left be completed on it. I prefer the previous release over this new release. The last release was much more user friendly and was only missing a dark mode with user control of the color of the Words of Christ being red or white. Please give us the users the option of which version we prefer. This new update isn’t attractive enough to suggest Olive Tree to others.

  • Dan Francis says:

    6.0 has been a complete disaster on both my iPad 3rd gen and my iPhone 6. Slow and constantly saying loading. I cannot understand how people are going on about the new program if any of them are having half the problems I am.

  • Dale Gooding says:

    I love OTB, though not the most powerful Bible app. It fits me well, so we’ll that I’ve been preaching from it for 3+ years. But. I would so love to have formatting in the notes – underlining, Bold face, color, etc… No other app (I’m aware of) hyperlinks texts like OTB (which is one of the major reasons OTB is so easy to preach from), but formatting would make outlines so much easier to preach from and easy to follow for all the folks I send the sermon outline to. OTB Folks, please consider it – I would even pay for that feature. Thx!

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    Any word on when update to the iOs v6 will be out?
    Thank you

    • LaRosa Johnson says:

      We are currently testing a new release with some fixes, but we don’t have a date as of yet when it’ll be released, but it should be submitted to Apple for approval soon.

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    The new release 6.0.1 has not fixed the problems with the small text in popups and the gray/green/red text on the gray background.
    Pleeeeease give us larger text in the popups.

  • Mark Lawry says:

    Bible+ 6.0 with its recent updates performs seamlessly and is very stable most of the time for me on my desktop (Windows 7), iPhone and iPad. It is straightforward and intuitive to use and the learning curve is not steep. I suspect that it will accommodate the requirements of just about all users with perhaps the exception of the higher echelons of academics studying original languages. I have most of the bible software programs that are available (ranging from free to quite expensive); they languish in the hard drive and now rarely see the light of day. I can now click onto the Strongs tagged words on the PC, and (since the latest update) it performs as it shouldgiving me a wealth of information about the specific Hebrew or Greek word. Syncing between platforms is easy and I feel confident that my (copious) personal notes are safe and secure. The search function for verses and topics is fantastic; it has the capacity to search my personal notes. This means any notes that I make pertaining to a Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek word or phrase are searchable, but I do need to transliterate into English to do so. For example if I am searching my notes for “the Word” and it’s equivalent in the original languages (e.g. Devar, Miltha, Logos etc) a few seconds and they are quickly and easily found.

    However (!) there is one glaring deficiency in Bible +!

    PLEASE make formatting available for Notes. My ideal would be bold, italics, colour, underlining, hyperlinks to other sources of information (not just bible verses), the ability to add charts and diagrams etc, and finally support for Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek characters would just about be perfection.

    Here’s hoping! Many thanks for a great, value for money product.

    • Andrew F. says:

      Thanks for the feedback Mark! Rich text notes are currently in development and we’re looking forward to making them available in the coming months.

      • Tim says:

        Would a flavour of Markdown be possible?
        This would allow for b/i/u etc, with Headings, Tags, Links not just to verses and webpages but linking from note to note too. (and much more too)

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