What’s in the Archaeological Study Bible?

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When I first heard about the Archaeological Study Bible, I wasn’t sure what to think.  My initial thought was how could there be an entire Bible devoted to archaeological study?  And honestly, how could a study Bible devoted to archaeological study not be a snoozer?  So, I got a copy of the Archaeological Study Bible and began looking through it.  Wow, was I impressed (and wrong)!

The Archaeological Study Bible is a great resource.  There are 520 articles covering five main categories: Archaeological Sites, Cultural and Historical Notes, Ancient Peoples and Lands, the Reliability of the Bible, and Ancient Texts and Artifacts.  The Bible Study App enriches the Archaeological Study Bible. As you read through your Bible, the split screen and resource guide keep you synced with your reading.

Here’s an example of an article on the Zealots and Essenes (screenshots from an iPad Mini 4, click images to enlarge):

Also included are almost 500 full-color photographs throughout the text.  Here’s two examples:

Throughout the text there are detailed charts like this one:

At the end of the Archaeological Study Bible there are several maps that help you get an idea of the placement of biblical events:

The authors of the Archaeological Study Bible also included detailed book introductions for every book of the Bible. Other study tools include a glossary, extensive concordance and several indexes to help you find articles relevant to your study.

The Bible Study App enhances this resource when articles reference other articles within the Archaeological Study Bible.  By tapping or clicking on the hyperlink, you can go directly to the related article, view in the Split Window, or view it in a Popup screen.

As you can see, you can spend hours learning the historical background of the Bible and the settings in which biblical events took place.  The articles and pictures will give you insights into the Bible and make you feel like you could have been there. Interested? Check out the Archaeological Study Bible in our store.


  • Jason W says:

    Well, you’ve convinced me. It looks great! But until commentaries like these work in the Windows 8 app, they’re pretty much useless to me. (I have a Surface RT.) Hopefully soon though, because I want this.

  • April says:

    I have been a fan of this Bible for years and finally purchased my own last year. You will not be disappointed with this resource!

  • Fantastic! What a wealth of information and beautiful pictorial resources. Not your average study bible – this gives you the background and insights you really need to understand what’s going on in the pages of scripture. I love it!

  • Lynn Seaton says:

    I was happy to see the Archeological Study Bible available on Olivetree.com. I downloaded it a few days ago but I noticed that no bible text downloaded, only the notes. Is this correct? I thought I would get a NIV or some other bible version along with it.
    Thanks. Great app

    • Andrew says:

      Jeremy is right. Our licensing agreement dictates how we are able to sell certain resources so in this case (as opposed to the print version) the notes are sold as a stand-alone resource. However, because it’s enhanced for use within the resource guide (found in the split window in the App) the Archaeological Study Bible syncs with any version of the Bible you have open in the main window.

      • dsh says:

        […] the Archaeological Study Bible syncs with any version of the Bible you have open in the main window.

        Great! It would be helpful if this was noted in the product description.

  • Jeremy says:

    The NIV version is sold separately as mentioned on their page (https://www.olivetree.com/store/product.php?productid=21617), which is unfortunate. I believe I’ve previously purchased/downloaded a similar study bible and it installed the bible and study notes bundle together. It’s like going to a bookstore and purchasing just the study notes(?)! Sorry.

  • Karen says:

    I purchased this Bible last year and I must say it is one of the best Bibles I’ve ever owned. I love history and find myself turning to this Bible when studying historical biblical events…which is about all the time! I have the app now too, on my PC, I’ve had it on Kindle Fire for awhile. I love it, it is so easy to use and a great source to have when doing in-depth Bible studies.

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