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Capitalizing on recent advances in satellite imaging and geographic information systems, the Crossway ESV Bible Atlas offers Bible readers a comprehensive, up-to-date resource that blends technical sophistication with readability, visual appeal, and historical and biblical accuracy.

All the key methods of presenting Bible geography and history are here, including more than 175 full-color maps, 70 photographs, 3-D re-creations of biblical objects and sites, indexes, timelines, and 65,000 words of narrative description.  With The Bible Study App, all Scripture references become hyperlinks that you can tap and read the Bible text without having to leave the ESV Bible Atlas.

Here are a two examples: (screenshots are taken from an iPad Mini 4, click for a larger view)


Using The Bible Study App’s powerful resource guide, the ESV Bible Atlas detects where you are in the text that you’re reading and pull up maps pertaining to that particular passage. You can then tap on a map for a bigger view and even zoom in and out on the map for more details.

You can then tap the “Go” button and read the content applicable to the map you are viewing.

Or, you can view the map full screen on your mobile device.

Enhance your Bible study with the ESV Bible Atlas!  See all Maps & Atlases available for The Bible Study App!


  • Troy Mullens says:

    I like this. It seems to always have a good map and information for wherever I am studying. I don’t guess there is any way to copy or export a map into another program so that I could have it active in the background while I have my Bible and commentary in active foreground split screen(Olive tree app). It would be a little more convenient. Not a real issue tho.

    Again, I really like this atlas.

  • Catherine says:

    Would lovevto have to study.

  • apostle david ogboma says:

    God bless you ESV Bible! may the Lord uphold you to the end.Amen.

  • Troy Mullens says:

    Looks like you need to approve comments before they are posted. I hate spam and links to commercial web sites.
    Note: I have been enjoying all of the atlases

  • Len says:

    Just installed ESV Atlas and am wondering if it synchs to Main Window or is there an index, table of contents or other method of getting an overall view of what is inside the app. So far it scrolls and read like a book. I’be no ability to jump around in it to find specific items.

  • HYJ says:

    Are the indices included with links to the book content?

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