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We recently crossed an exciting milestone…

One of the benefits of Bible+ is that you can install it on different devices and those devices have the ability to sync with each other. With the sync feature you can take a note or make a highlight and it will then be available on any device that has Bible+ installed. Not only do all of your notes, highlights, saved passages, and tags sync across devices – but so do reading plans. Start a reading plan on your phone and continue reading on your tablet or computer.

So about that milestone.

Our sync server recently crossed the 500 Million mark! That number represents thousands of people from all over the world who are actively reading and studying God’s word. For all of us at Olive Tree Bible Software this is a great reminder about why we love what we do.

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the free sync service in Bible+ signup for a free account HERE to get started.

To celebrate this milestone we’ve discounted the top Bible study titles from 2015. Go HERE To see them!


  • Al Kent says:

    I really miss the bookshelf view of the library.

  • Harvey Schmidlap says:

    Sad that OliveTree will not provide alternative sync methods, like sync to Dropbox or iCloud. Nor will they permit sync to a WebDav server. I wonder why they insist on controlling all the data on their servers exclusively. It makes me wonder what they are doing with it and what intelligence agencies may have backdoor access to it.

    • David Trotz says:

      I appreciate your concern for privacy and your desire to protect your data. Please give me a chance to explain why the solutions you suggest do not work with our sync technology.

      Olive Tree provides its users with an industry leading sync system for keeping your notes, bookmarks, highlights library favorites, and daily reading progress in sync between all of your devices. We do not simply backup your data, but rather we sync your data. The difference between the two is significant.

      A backup system like Dropbox is an all or nothing system; if you drop a file in your Dropbox on your laptop and walk over to your desktop, Dropbox transfers the entire file over the network to the desktop. If you edit one character in that file on your desktop and save it, again Dropbox copies the entire updated file to your laptop which replaces the original file. The key distinction here is that Dropbox (and other systems like it) move entire files, not incrementally changed parts of a file. Thus, if you edit the same file on two machines simultaneously with different changes, only one of those changes will survive.

      Olive Tree’s Sync is different, it knows what has changed in the user’s data and only sends the changes to the other devices, this saves on network traffic. Olive Tree’s sync system can also handle situations where you edited and created annotations on multiple devices simultaneously. It is intelligent enough to synchronize those changes and updates incrementally between the devices while retaining all of a user’s data.

      I can assure you that we have not provided a back door for intelligence agencies to access your data. Further, we make the security of your data a high priority and actively take steps to ensure our servers are secure from attack.

      If you want to talk more about this, you can email me directly. My email is: david dot trotz at harpercollins dot com

      David Trotz
      Director of Software
      Olive Tree Bible Software
      HarperCollins Christian Publishing

      Inspire People to Connect with God and Study the Bible using Technology

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