5 Benefits of NICOT/NICNT in The Bible Study App

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The New International Commentary Series on the Old Testament (NICOT) and New Testament (NICNT) are highly regarded scholarly resources that are always ranked at the top by scholars, pastors, students, and professors.

Here are Five benefits of the NICOT/NICNT in The Bible Study App.  (Screenshots are from an iPad Mini 4.  Click on Images for a larger view)

1. Resource Guide

Open your preferred Bible Translation in the main window and have the Resource Guide open in the Split Window.  You’ll see relevant NICOT/NICNT commentary “hits” in the split window.

Bible+ also keeps up with the scripture passage you’re reading in the main window with sync scrolling.  This means that as you move along in the Bible text, the NICOT/NICNT syncs to exactly where you are in your study.  No more flipping pages back and forth.  No more holding the commentary text open on your desk in one spot, reading through your Bible text, and having to go back and find your place in the commentary. You’ll save an enormous amount of time with this feature alone.

2. Search & Look Up Feature

Search the NICOT/NICNT for words or passages.  Take “love” as an example.  You can search the entire NICOT/NICNT series for where “love” is mentioned in the commentary series.  You can also limit your search to the Old Testament, New Testament, biblical genre, or a specific book.

3. Linked Reference Pop ups


One of my greatest frustrations in the hard copy world of biblical commentaries are the other biblical references within the commentary. With a hard copy, I have to open a different Bible and find each and every reference to read how the verse relates to what I am currently studying.  This is time consuming, slows down my study momentum, and requires me to keep all of my study materials out and open, spread out over a large desk space. With Bible+, the scripture references are hyperlinked within the commentary text.  All I have to do is tap the scripture reference to read it instantly.


Related to this is footnotes/endnotes.  Since the NICOT/NICNT is a highly scholarly work, there are a lot of references to other materials.  In the past I would have to stop where I was in the reading, look at the footnote, then go back to where I was in the writing.  This also was a huge time waster, and I would often lose my train of thought.  With Bible+, all of the footnotes are linked.  Just tap on the footnote, read it, and go back to where you were without losing your place.

4. Integrated Dictionary (iOS Extra)

In iPhone/iPad app, you also have an additional option.  Tap and hold a word in the Bible text and an option menu bar will pop up.  From here you get the options to Copy, Highlight, Note, Save, Share, Define, Lookup and More.

If you tap “Define” you will get the integrated iOS dictionary pop-up.  This is extremely helpful when you run across a word in the NICOT/NICNT or even the Bible text that you do not readily know.

5. Look at One Verse (iOS Extra)

An additional iOS option is looking up additional information on just one verse.  Tap and hold a word in the Bible text and an option menu bar will pop up.  From here you get the options to Tap and hold on a verse number and an option menu bar will pop up.  From here you get the options Copy, Highlight, add a Note, Save, Share, Guide, and More..

If you tap the “Guide” button you’ll get “hits” from your resources on just that specific verse. From here you can follow the same steps as you would in the resource guide option above.  You can even choose to open the NICOT/NICNT in the main or split window.


This is helpful if you want to read through your Bible “full screen” and refer to the NICOT/NICNT when you want to see what it says about a particular verse.

As you can see, the NICOT/NICNT within Bible+ gives you the best in scholarly work, while saving you valuable study time and tremendous effort.


  • Frederico says:

    Great resource with great app.
    I’m saving for to buy it!

  • Nick says:

    I would love to purchase this set, the only real drawback is that I need it for academic research and publishing and without the ability to cite page numbers of different volumes it is pretty much useless to me. Are there any news about OliveTree working on a better solution for resource citation?

    • Andrew says:

      Depending on the method you use there are widely accepted citation methods for digital resources. Page numbers aren’t accurate on digital resources because your screen size is what dictates the page numbers. So for instance it could be page number 25 on your phone and page number 14 on your tablet. Here’s a link that may help: http://libguides.madisoncollege.edu/ereaders/citingebooks

      • Jon C says:

        While that is true, many digital publishers (including a certain other [blue] Bible software maker) include the real page numbers. If you search that page number it brings you to the corresponding text. Then you can cite the digital edition in the same way you cite the physical copy. Even Amazon’s Kindle is beginning to include real page numbers. This eliminates a ton of confusion.

  • Manuel Gutierrez says:

    Is there a special price to purchase both at the same time?

  • Steve says:

    The John book, is it the Leon Morris updated version (if it is correct that one exists)?

    • Monty says:

      Hi Steve!

      I apologize for my very late response. Our version is the copyright 1995 Leon Morris edition, even though there is a more current edition, 2010 by J. Ramsey Michaels.


  • susanne's says:


  • Brian says:

    I am wondering if Olive Tree has the capability of copying my search results and pasting them into a Word document? So far I can search for a topic but can’t them copy and paste the results. Am I missing something? Thank you for your help.

  • Pat says:

    I downloaded the Olive Tree Bible App onto my computer. I’m running windows 8.1. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the problem I’m having or not but I can’t purchase or add other books to my library. I searched out how to add other books to the library but the icon that I’m to click on did not download in the app. I love this bible but it’s useless to me if I can’t choose my study tools. Can you help me please?

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