Three Ways Bible Dictionaries Improve Your Study Time

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A good Bible dictionary is an invaluable resource for your personal Bible study and can go a long way in illuminating God’s word. Here are three ways you can easily use a dictionary in the Olive Tree Bible App.


The first way is through the Split Window and Resource Guide.

Open your favorite Bible translation in the main window and the Resource Guide in the Split Window.  As you read through your Bible text, the Resource Guide searches through all the downloaded resources in your library to find related Bible study content.

You’ll notice that the Resource Guide pulls related content from all of your downloaded resources.  If you scroll down the Resource Guide results, you will see the section headings “People,” “Places,” and “Topics.”  These headings give you the results of articles based on your downloaded resources.


Tap or click on the person/place/topic you want to learn more about. I chose “Canaan” in this example.  The Bible App then brings you results from within the resources you have on your device.  This is where you will find the Baker Compact Dictionary within the Resource Guide.


You’ll notice that the resource has the words “Article on Canaan” underneath the book cover.  Tap/Click on the book cover and the Bible App will take you directly to the article within the Baker Compact Dictionary. As you are reading the article, any Scripture references become hyperlinks that you can tap/click to view as a pop-out window.


The second way you can utilize a Bible dictionary is as a traditional dictionary in the Olive Tree Bible App.

Select the dictionary from your library and  simply Tap/Click the book title and look through the resource as you would a hard-copy dictionary.


The third way is to use the Bible App’s Lookup Feature.

Tap and hold a word in the Bible text and an option menu bar will pop up.  If you tap the “Lookup” button you’ll get “hits” from your resources on just that specific word. From here you can follow the same steps as you would in the resource guide option above.



Bonus Feature

With a Strong’s tagged Bible you can also easily access your favorite Bible dictionary by searching on the Hebrew or Greek word that you’ve just tapped. In the screen shot below I’ve just tapped the word Lebanon and with one more tap can look up the Hebrew word in my other dictionaries for deeper study.

For this example I’ll choose the Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament. I can read the article in the popup window or tap the arrow in the upper left to send it to the split screen or main window to read further.


As you can see, Bible dictionaries are extremely helpful resources for studying the Bible.  Check out our list of great Bible dictionaries here.


  • Daniel Oboh says:

    Thank you very much for this dictionary and for the clear information on how to use it. I will try to get a copy.

  • Andrew Marks says:

    Thanks for this tool. It has been a tremendous help. I can go more deep into study and understanding of my Lord, my understanding has increased.
    Thanks alot.

  • Prince Ebitimi Weigha says:

    Prince Ebitimi Weigha
    Tuesday, 19th April, 2016
    God bless everyone of you that are involved in this awesome project IJN. Amen! It’s a wonderful gift.

  • Claire Wilkie says:

    Olive Tree is the best Bible software! Thank you to you all! We keep recommending it to everyone! Thanks again, guys!

  • Peter Shaw says:

    Just a quick one, how comes I can buy the NIDOTTE & NIDNTTE in paper format ($250) on Amazon for the same as you sell it on here WITH the discount ($250)? As OliveTree and Zondervan are both owned by the same company you would have thought you could sort your pricing points out and make the environmentally friendly option just a bit cheaper?😉 …please? 🙏… I am a student… 🤓

    • Andrew F. says:

      I understand what you’re saying. You’ll find that it’s fairly common for reference works like these to be priced differently for digital software because of the enhancements that are added to make it a more powerful study resource then the print version. But we do try and offer discounts as often as we’re able to.

  • EBAI ROLAND says:

    I will try to get a copy for myself, I think this is one of the best app I love so much.

  • Wesley says:

    The lookup option is not working. I have updated all resources and updated the resource guide. I have a number of dictionaries (mounce, Greek, Hebrew, and the free ones). None ever appear in the lookup, but the words appear in the dictionary.

    Any know issues or fixes for iOS?


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