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Do you want to give someone the gift of Olive Tree resources but aren’t sure how?

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Here are two ways you can give.

#1 Digital Gift Card

With an Olive Tree gift card you can give any amount starting at $10. Fill out the form and choose to have it sent directly to the recipient or send it to yourself for later delivery.


Once the form is filled out you’ll see the following screen. You can then add more gift cards or continue to checkout by clicking on the ‘Purchase Cards’ button.


After you’ve completed the checkout the gift card redemption code will be sent to your recipient or yourself depending on what you chose.

#2 Gift a Resource

Another way to give is by gifting a specific title.

Go to the specific product page of the title you want to give. Under the ‘Add to Cart’ button you’ll see the option to ‘Give As Gift’.


Once you click/tap fill out the next screen. Similar to Gift Cards you have the option to have the redemption code sent directly to the recipient or sent to your email so you can deliver it later.




  • Ingo Manhold says:

    For 44 years I have been an evangelical missionary with SIM International, VDM and UCE in Bolivia, now I am in Spain and active in a local church. I am 81 years old and need some more up to date materials. I very much would like to have a number of your Bibles and commentaries to use on my PC etc.
    Are those studies and Bibles and Apps to use freely? Do you have those also in Spanish?

  • phumzile Somide says:

    How do I ensure a gift resource is duplicated if I am not certain whether they the recipient has an olive tree account? Are you able to check?

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