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Bookshelf and tablet PC

The benefit of eBooks and other digital resources is that when a particular resource needs to be updated it can happen quickly and easily. You’ve probably noticed in the past that there are periodic updates available for books in your Olive Tree library. The most common reasons have to do with fixing minor errors in the text, formatting changes, or revisions from the author or publisher.

Just as we are always working to improve the Olive Tree Bible App, we are also working to keep your resources up to date, looking beautiful, and working smoothly. It’s with this in mind that we wanted to let you know of a massive update we just pushed out to a majority of titles for the Bible App. This update is part of our ongoing innovation and commitment to providing you with the best reading and Bible study experience. We understand that it can be an inconvenience to update your resources and so we appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to provide you with the most up to date resources available.

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your trust in us to provide you with best Bible study tools possible! Thank you, and may God continue to inspire you through his word!


  • Mitch Claborn says:

    I updated 50+ titles the other day – it took quite a while to push “Update” for each one. It would be really nice to have an “Update All” function, or an option to automatically update titles in the background.

  • Don Barron says:

    This update seems to have GREATLY minimized the “loading circle” wait time! Excellent.

  • Randy says:

    An update all and automatic update option would be great!

  • Neal Cook says:

    I would appreciate information posted with each updated resource as to what is included in the update. An example is the update information that Apple includes with its App updates.

    • Brian says:

      +1 It would be great to see release notes for resource updates.

    • Neal B says:

      +1 on update notes. This request is not without merit. Previous updates have wrongly extended hundreds of highlights that ended with punctuation marks, added “poetic” formatting that is still cumbersome to read on small screens, and replaced version abbreviations with full version names when copying and pasting (this was eventually restored, but took yet further updates).

      Even a general comment would be helpful. The “minor errors” and “revisions” mentioned in the blog hopefully don’t apply to Bibles, which leaves “formatting” or something else. What are these changes and why is every single Bible version being updated?

      What impact will these updates have on older versions of OT, such as iPhone I’m still using and prefer?

  • John Gwangju says:

    The “update all” option has been around for sometime now. Olive Tree, with all of your enviable features, one could just wonder… But then, I have hope!

  • Andrew F. says:

    Thanks for sharing everyone! I’ve passed on your request for the ‘update all’ feature to our development team.

  • Do the updates erase any notes and highlights that are in the current books?

  • Vance Adkins says:

    I have over 100 books. An update All feature would be a great help. It is one of the things greatly needed in your app.

  • Darrell says:

    Are you having anyone report difficulty downloading the resource updates? I click on the “Update Available” and the screen moves to the “Checking for Updates” screen as if it is preparing to download the update, and nothing happens.

    I’ve restarted the computer and at the app several times.


  • Ray says:

    How do you update for the PC? I have done it for Android but see no way in PC. Is it automatic=tic?

  • Leo says:

    Are you talking about these tools?

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