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The recent update of our Bible App for Mac has been a major highlight here at Olive Tree. Watch the video below for a quick look at some of the new design and features.

If you haven’t updated to the latest version yet make sure and head to the Mac Store or follow this link.


  • Deb Wheatley says:

    You keep making a great product even better! Thank you!

  • Racquel says:

    Just bought my Olive tree bible app, few weeks ago but I am so frustrated now, because it always “hang” it does not move to where I want to go.
    I love to study the Bible that is why I bought one even if I different Bible aid,,, now I go back to my old reliable BOOK manually.

    • I have no difficulty with this excellent app, which I have been using for three years or so. The resources are excellent. I just uploaded the Mac update and the am very happy with the improvement.

  • Rachel Bushnell says:

    Where do I click to get the Olive Tree update?

  • Linda Mitsch says:

    It is not clear how to update this app. In my App store, it does not indicate that the app is due for an update. How can I push the update out?

    • Michael Grainger says:

      I had to delete my old version. Once I did that the App Store gave me the option to install the new version. It is a good idea to sync your data before you delete the old version to preserve highlights and notes.

  • Mary says:

    What version is this Notification for? I currently have 6.0.6

  • Randy says:

    The Mac update request is confusing. When I check the Bible App menu titled, “About The Bible Study App,” it reads that I have version 6.0.1 installed. However, when I open, “My Account,” it reads that I have Version 5.4 installed. Soooo? Which version do I have?

  • There are two thing i do first when i get a new device, that is install Evernote and Olive Tree, i have shared it with many people, they also share it with others, my home cell group most have it, what am i saying with this: i am a sales person, cant sell something i dont believe: this app is truely one of the best i have ever seen….. Thank you so much for creating this awesome tool for the believers, May God bless you fully.

  • Senio says:

    I’m not a believer therefore It’s not useful for me, but your app looks quite handy and well design for people who wants to study Bible, not only reading. It would be good to have something similar with all the literature that was important in the history.

  • Tony Garland says:

    I use many Bible apps, but yours is the main one I use when teaching and preaching as it is easiest to use and generally the most reliable on my iPad.

    One feature which I’d love to see and have been wanting ever since you first came out: the ability to link an OT-only resource with a NT-only resource to form a single unified Bible covering all of Scripture such that when I go to an OT verse, the OT portion is shown. Conversely, when I go to a NT verse, the NT resource is shown. The most obviously application would be a single “original language Bible” where I could like a Hebrew (OT-only) text with a Greek (NT-only) text and move anywhere in Scripture without constantly having to manually switch between books–which gets REALLY old 🙂

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