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Olive Tree Bible Topic Threads

If you’ve ever wanted to trace a specific theme or word in the Bible to see how it connects through Scripture, then the newly released Olive Tree Bible Topic Threads is a must-have resource for your Bible study library.

Bible commentaries and study notes are great tools for understanding and applying what the Bible has to say to us today, but often overlooked is the value that using Scripture to understand Scripture can bring. When viewed as a whole, individual themes in the Bible become a single, unified pattern of revelation.

Here is a brief look inside the Olive Tree Bible Topic Threads to see how it works in the app.


When the Olive Tree Bible Topic Threads is open in the split window, it will look to the text you have open in the main window and pull in verse cross references and thematic topics. You can tap on the verse cross reference for a quick reading or tap the particular theme to view a more comprehensive list.

When you tap/click on a particular theme, you’ll not only see a list of verses but you’ll also see related topics (where applicable).

If you are interested in studying a particular theme or topic, you can also look it up directly.

Try it for yourself! Get the Olive Tree Bible Topic Threads on our store today.


  • Dennis Misener says:

    Any quantitative information… number of themes and links?
    Whould this still be of interest I if have Naves Topical and NTSK?
    Any additional information would be appreciated 🙂

    • Donald Keiffer says:

      Hello Dennis,
      If you open the split window and then choose open and then choose library favorites and then choose NTSK you will see a wealth of information on the verse you are reading, I was amazed at the information, I just found that today.
      I’m not trying to discourage you from buying the offered resource as I think it is well worth the price.

      • Dennis misener says:

        Thanks for the response. With so many wonderful resources available it is some times difficult to determine which products overlap.

  • Jorge Torres says:

    I have both. They are both good and different. That was my concern as well, but when I bought is and compared it I thought having both would contribute to my study.

  • Christine Sommers says:

    Two questions, please.
    1.May I use this with the NASB Strong’s Bible Text?
    2. How is this different or similar from the Know the Word Study Bible Notes?

    Thank you

    • Andrew F. says:

      1. Yes, you can use it with any Bible text.
      2. The Know the Word Study Bible Notes give you introductions and study helps on specific books where the Bible Topic Threads give you a concordance and thematic list of scriptures. Hope that helps!

  • Kathy says:

    Any chance this resource is going back on sale? I saw the sale originally, but when I went back the next day I had missed it.

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