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The latest release of the Olive Tree Bible App for iOS devices now supports multitasking!

On certain iPads you can use more than one app at a time. This means that you can have the Olive Tree Bible App opened and your favorite note taking app at the same time.

In this screenshot the Bible App is opened on the right and the app Notability is opened on the left side.

Hand Holding Tablet similar to ipades On Wood Table

Evernote is one of the most popular note taking apps. Here it is opened on the right side and the Bible App is opened on the left.


Update now through the App Store to use the split screen feature!


  • Tom says:

    I have been waiting for this…. Thanks!!!

  • David says:

    Me too!! So excited!

  • kim says:

    wow~! very useful function

  • Kola says:

    This is a big step forward , I have been waiting for this . thank you.

  • Benny says:

    Exciting times….
    But I love to use the notes in olive tree when can we get the functions to underline, bold and highlight in the notes?
    If available please show me how to use it.

  • CW says:

    I am with Benny, when can we get more functions in the Olive Tree notes? Personally I like keeping my notes in the app just wish we could highlight, bold, underline, etc while taking notes.

  • RBAnks says:

    +1 with Benny and CW

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    Count me in with benny, CW, and RBAnks.
    We really do need “Rich Text Formatting”, pleeeeeease.
    I think It was said about three years ago that it was being worked on but nothing since then, I see that other bible study app do have this now.
    Maybe we could have Emoji’s also.

  • S.C. Timmons says:

    I too am with Benny. Olive Tree notes are best, just need to add those features.

  • Andrew F. says:

    We are planning on adding rich text notes in 2017!

    • Donald Keiffer says:

      Any chance for Emoji’s?

    • Chad says:

      Great to hear!

      As a web developer the one thing I would LOOOOVE to see (aside from rich text notes) would be a robust export functionality to either word, txt. pdf, etc.

      If I could export my notes, lists, prayer chains, etc. especially in the order I choose, so I could keep my own backup, that would be a wonderful addition to an already robust platform.

      I used to do this with Evernote… is there another way aside from cntl-v/p ?


      • Andrew F. says:

        We don’t have a export functionality similar to what you are mentioning but do offer an export to Evernote or XML. If you login to your account at and then Click/Tap > Olive Tree Study Sync and then Share in the left menu you’ll see those options.

        • Dane says:

          I agree with Chad that the functionality to export to a text file would be very beneficial. It would be nice to do it from within the app. I really like the ability to link directly to the text from Olive Tree notes, but it would be nice to have a way backing up those files or working with them in another app without having to copy and paste each note.

    • Aaaand… 2017 is gone 🙂

      Any word on rich text notes?

      • Cierra Klatt says:

        Sorry, there are no updates at this time, Anthony. But I have mentioned this suggestion again to our development team. Let me know if you have more questions.

  • Chad Cohoon says:

    Thanks for the continued and ardent work on this great tool!

    I just updated the app and now my notes will no longer expand to full screen… the option is also no longer there.

    This is my primary preaching and teaching tool, not to mention the years of personal reference lists, prayer request chains, journal entries, etc.

    Is this a purposed change?

    I’m using the latest iPad with latest iOS. Thanks for the attention on this!

    Pastor C.

    • Andrew F. says:

      That is a known bug with notes but we’ve just submitted a fix to Apple that, once approved, will be live soon.

  • NancyB says:

    Can I do the split screen and use Evernote at the same time on my Mac Book Pro or does it just apply for iPads?

  • Braulio Aboytes says:

    How about the function to export directly my notes to pages, word or another similar app? It would be great!

  • Evie says:

    iPad Pro has that feature and I love it!

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