Three things to try in the app right now!

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Whether you’ve just downloaded the Olive Tree Bible App for the first time or have been using it for years, if you haven’t tried these three things then you need it’s time you did!

1. Make a Note

There are plenty of good reasons to make a note. Maybe you were reading a scripture for the 456th time and the truth of it finally hit you, or maybe your Pastor is preaching on a specific passage and he’s unpacking it in a way that is cutting to your heart. Notes in the app become a reference point in your Bible reading that help you remember and capture truth.


You can make a note by tapping on the verse number or by opening them up in the split window of the app. If you tie them to a particular verse, a note icon will be available so the next time you are reading there and you can tap it for quick access.

2. Share to Social

There are already enough kittens and political statements on social but there will never be enough scripture. Share what you’re reading to social by tapping or highlighting a verse reference and then select the social media platform of your choice. This isn’t limited to just the Bible, you can even share from an eBook or devotional.


3. Download Free Resources

Have you checked out the in-app store? If not the best place to start is the Free Resources. With over 100 to choose from you’ll want to add another Bible translation, an eBook on prayer, or maybe a Bible commentary like Matthew Henry. You can also browse free resources on


Don’t delay, go try out each of these three things right now!



  • Michael Adams says:

    Use all of these.
    Very useful.

  • Ms Karon McCree says:

    I have used this app for years and I really enjoy and learning so much, thank you and God bless.

  • nonnie says:

    I love that you can change the icon on your notes. Several of the icons even have different colors available. I have one question. Has anyone decided on a method of using the various icons? I find myself using the light bulb and the I most often but I also like the star. I’d really prefer to be consistent and wondered what methodology others used.

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