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The Olive Tree Bible App comes loaded with features but sometimes you just need somewhere to start. Here are four features of the app – in no particular order – that you should try out today.

Notes and Highlights
There are plenty of good reasons to make a note or highlight. Maybe something you we’re reading really impacted you in a new way or maybe your Pastor is preaching on a specific passage and said something you don’t want to forget. Notes and highlights in the app become a reference point in your Bible reading that help you remember and capture truth. The great thing is that if you make a note or highlight they will sync up and be available on any other device you have the app installed on!


Reading Plans
Intentions are great but if they aren’t accompanied with a plan they usually don’t happen. Reading plans in the app help our best intentions to be in God’s word become a reality. From as short as 7 days to as long as a year there are dozens of great reading plans to choose from.


Resource Guide
The feature that is guaranteed to be the most useful to your Bible study is the Resource Guide. It looks to the main text you’re reading and pulls in people, places, maps. commentaries, study Bible notes, and much more. The more Bible study resources you’ve added to your library the more powerful the Resource Guide will be.


To add resources to your library you’ll want to go to the Olive Tree store. Start with the Free section where you can add another Bible translation, an eBook on prayer, or maybe a Bible commentary like Matthew Henry.


Try them out now and let us know what your favorite feature of the app is in the comments below!


  • Michael Adams says:

    Use all of these.
    They have become a valuable resource.
    And this Blog is an excellent way of introducing them.

  • Raymond Troiano says:

    I attempt Grant Horners bible reading program. It is something I try to tell everyone about. The programs goal is to read 10 chapters a day from 10 different parts of the Bible. If it is perfectly done it also goes through Proverbs and Acts each month or 12 times a year. It may seem daunting but it has not been since Olive Tree keeps my place and I read when I can. So far I am trending to complete the study in 2 years. (The perfect goal is 1 year). There is no rush and I honestly get so much out of it that I often read much longer than I originally planned! I tried in the past to do the reading plan but the page markers would fall out, I would forget where I left off etc. I am newer to the various computer forms but on my tablet, I have thoroughly been convinced that the ease of use and various features are extremely valuable to me and my life. Without doubt it has added so much to my life… we need to let the pure Word of God enter into our lives and guide us day by day. RJT

  • Theresa Falnders says:

    Please include for the NIV Study Bible or another current translation an Aramaic/Greek root word meaning reference for every scripture. I like your app so much that I use 2 side by side to go back & forth looking up scripture. I would love to see Barclay’s New Testament Commentaries to your references. Your app is great, but sometimes gets “hung” up & I must restart. Thank you.

  • Jon Stonis says:

    I would love to see highlighted verses, phrases as well as my notes show between translations. I tend to read from one translation, but do a lot of study in others. If that feature IS available – then it isn’t working for me. 🙂

    • Monty Galloway says:


      Please contact our support team by emailing You should be able to see verse based highlights in every translation you have. Our support team can help you walk through your settings to make sure everything is working.

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