What is an ‘Enhanced’ title?

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If you’ve ever been on OliveTree.com or browsed the in-app store, you’ve probably seen the light bulb icon on a number of titles.

In the app, it looks like this:

On the website, it looks like this:

So what’s different about a title that has been ‘enhanced’ compared to one that isn’t?

An enhanced title means that we’ve taken a plain eBook and given it extra functionality, so that it can be easily accessed in the Resource Guide.

For example, many study Bibles include not just commentary notes but also maps, charts, images, and outlines. When we enhance a study Bible, all the information from the study Bible that is relevant to the passage of Scripture you’re reading will appear in the Resource Guide. All you have to do is tap on an outline, a map, etc. in the Resource Guide to make use of the study Bible’s full capabilities.

Now, whenever you see that a title is marked as enhanced, you’ll know you’re getting a great resource designed specifically to help you go deeper in your study of God’s Word.

For more information about how the Resource Guide works, go HERE.

For more on specific types of enhanced resources, check out our blog series.

To add enhanced titles to your library, browse our store.


  • Donald Keiffer says:

    Great feature.
    Will you be enhancing already published resources in the future?

  • Andrew,

    I’ve purchased “Grudem’s Systematic Theology” and I would love for it to be enhanced. When I first purchased it from OliveTree, along the bottom of it’s description screen, it said “With the Olive Tree Bible App: Dig deep with Resource Guide”. I was really disappointed after spending $40 on this book (that I already had in paper form) to find that it didn’t work with the Resource Guide. It really felt like false advertising.

    I have no desire to come across as unkind. I’ve purchased MANY titles from Olive Tree and am very satisfied on the whole. I enjoy the resource guide on my iPhone, iPad, and PC. Thanks.

  • D Johnson says:

    I would love to see the Ryrie Study Notes and the New Scofield Study Notes enhanced. I haven’t purchased them yet. If I purchase them and they are later enhanced, will copies already purchased receive an update to be enhanced automatically?

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