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Whether you’re on a phone or tablet, one of the main Bible study features of the Olive Tree Bible App is the split window.

In this blog, we’ll show you six ways you can use the split window for your iPhone or iPad.
(Click here for Android.)

First, to access the six features of the split window do this:

Once you tap the ‘More’ button, you will see six different features you can access in the split window.

1. The first and most popular is the Resource Guide

The Resource Guide is your personal Bible study assistant. It looks to the main window of the app and pulls in relevant study helps such as people, places, topics, cross references, commentary notes, maps, and more. The more resources you have in your library, the more powerful the Resource Guide will be.

2. Recently Opened

This feature allows you to quickly view a list of recently-opened resources. Whether you were recently reading another Bible translation or a Christian eBook, you can quickly pull it up in the split window here.

3. Library Favorites

This list is curated by you and chosen from your library. When you tap ‘Library Favorites’, you will see your current list and you’ll have the option to add or remove titles.

4. Open Library

This is the easiest way to set up a parallel Bible or put your commentary notes right next to your Bible text. Simply select an additional resource from your library and it will be side by side with whatever title you have open in the main window. If it’s an ‘enhanced resource’ like another Bible or study notes it will stay in sync with the resource in the main window.

5. My Notes

One of my personal favorites is having my notes open in the split window. Whether you’re journaling during your own devotion time or taking notes from the text as your pastor is speaking, having the ability to take notes in the split window is a convenient feature.

6. Add Note

Tap this option to create a note. You can connect it to the Scripture you’re reading in the main window by tag or category.

If you are a regular user of any of these features in the split window, we’d love to hear what your favorite is. Comment below to share!


  • Fortune says:

    I Truly appreciate God for the Wisdom behind this Olive Bible, it has been my mist favorite use in Church services to document sermons and messages Preached by The Pastors and Bishop,
    More Grace and Peace from the Father to y’all .
    Remain Blessed

  • consider mkansi says:


    I enjoy using these APP. Best bible i ever used. please assist me with these: i recently downloaded the app on my laptop, how do i use it on a projector?

  • Brian says:

    Your link to explaining the features on an android device fails. Says Page Unknown. Email me when you get it fixed.

  • Greg Tassone says:

    Thanks for this list of available uses of the Split Window. As you point out, my favorite is the Resource Guide. However, I also have the app configured with Gestures so I can cycle the Split Window between the Resource Guide, my Last Opened resource, and my Notes. This way I can just tap repeatedly to cycle through each option. Most of the time, though, its sitting in Resource Guide mode, usually linked to either a Commentary or another Bible translation (synced to the Main Window).

    Thanks for a fantastic product!

  • Don Michael says:

    Great App. A good spiritual and help for lovers of God, Ministry lovers and church worker groups. Continue with the good work.

    Spirit Regards.

  • Skyeman89 says:

    This is a fantastic app. I use it along with Logos. Can I just make a plea in regards to your split window feature. I like using my iPad in portrait mode for reading. I would therefore appreciate having an option to choose a horizontal split window feature rather than being stuck with the vertical one.
    Many thanks for a great app.

    • Skyeman89 says:

      oops sorry… I’ve mixed my horizontals with my verticals… It is the “vertical” split window feature I would like. This would allow me to have my Bible open in the left column and my notes in the right column in “portrait mode” πŸ™‚
      I believe preachers would find this a helpful feature if they preach from a ‘tablet’.

      • Monty Galloway says:

        You can use the split window in either portrait or landscape. Do you have your orientation lock on? If so, turn that off and rotate your device. It should go to the horizontal option. If this does not, work, please contact our support team by emailing

  • Wolfgang Zagler says:

    Thank you for this post. What I have leaned is to have my notes in the split window and not “only” other Bibles or resources.

    Is there a possibility to have the notes in the split window synchronized with the section of text shown in the main window. I have entered hundreds of notes meanwhile and all I see in the split window is all the notes either sorted by verse (starting in Genesis even when I am reading James) or by date.

    Would be great if the notes-window would behave like the resource guide picking up all the notes actually referenced to the main window.

    Thank you for your concern and may God bless you

    Wolfgang >

  • Ruth says:

    I use “notes” as much as “resource guide,” and love them both. I use “notes” to set up a “War Room” (as in the movie by that title) in the app: 1) created a catagory called “war room,” 2) created subcategories of names or situations I am praying for, 3) added scriptures and notes of prayers and how I see God answering.
    Thank you all for the best Bible app ever.

  • Drea says:

    Ohhh I love the split screen view πŸ˜ƒI keep trying to convince other friends to use this app. The only think I would say needs work, is when I want to use split screen on my iPhone its a little buggy. πŸ˜”

    I usually go to my notes, than request split screen in my notes view, but when I hit the option for split screen it does not respond at all. I have to back all the way out of my notes and access the split screen in the main bible mode for this wonderful function to actually work haha. So hopefully the developers can fix this soon.
    But otherwise I love it! πŸ’œ

    • Monty Galloway says:

      Hi Drea,

      Regarding the iPhone split screen being buggy, would you mind emailing our support team at with exactly what is happening? They may have some insight into what is going on there and be able to help you out.

  • Kelly says:

    For preparation and teaching I create my notes for the lesson on the PC version then sync and use the iPad version to teach from. What I find particularly useful is embedding scripture cross-references in the notes. When citing a reference during class I can tap it in the note while keeping the main passage open in the bible pane.

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    When I choose “Resource Guide” from the “Split Window” and I go to “Related Verses” and choose “New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge” I get a list of all scripture related to the the verses only. But when I choose “Open Library” and choose “New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge” I get a wealth of information in the split window about the verses I am looking at.
    I’m sure that others will be interested in this if they have not found it before.
    Maybe you can do a blog on this someday?

  • Donald Keiffer says:

    I am using the split window in landscape mode with split window open to “Resources” and a commentary open on the right hand side.
    I then use the “split screen option (iOS)” and the resource moves to the bottom of the screen right below the bible I have open and I can now take notes in the “notes (iOS)” app on the right side of my screen. Then I simply copy from that to enter the note into notes on my Bible+ app.
    And if you really want to go all out you can open a fourth window (popup up) by choosing the hamburger menu in the upper left of the screen and make a choice, maybe from the “Study Helps” to view other notes you mad related to this note.

    • Monty Galloway says:

      Thanks for your insight Donald!

    • Gerhard says:

      I use Good Notes to take handwritten notes using a stylus during sermons. Would be great if that could be copied into the Notes section on Olive tree – what are the chances of that in the future?

  • David E Myers says:

    I use the split window every time I open the Bible, which is almost every day. I love it. Now what would really like, but probably is not likely to happen, would be a seventh way, and would be a pad that we could take notes by using a Apple Pencil, or some other stylus.😊

    • Rand says:

      I second this idea, using a stylus to take notes. Also, I would like to use the split screen to open other verses when a pastor asks to go to another verse in another book, instead of having both sides synced. Wonder if this might be possible in a future update. ?

    • Monty Galloway says:

      Hi David,

      No plans to do this anytime soon, but I can send that suggestion to our development team.

    • Kalaskar Ram KUMAR says:

      i need this too…
      Also additionally would be good to be possible to highlight bible passages using apple pencil.
      Being able to highlight using pencil would make me much closer to reading digital copy as paper bible.

  • Sopirinye Victor Hart says:

    This is my most favourite app in my phone for the last 7 years. I recently started to use it daily for bible study.
    The best part for me is the sync of my highlights and notes across all my devices. So if my wife sees something and highlights it, I will eventually get to see it.
    You guys have been a blessing. I pray that God will sustain the growth and development of Olive tree.

  • Peter Calvin says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed using Olive Tree and continue to enjoy it. It such a great blessing for my personal study and edification. I praise God for such a wonderful resource.

  • Terry says:

    I found this to be a very powerful aid when preparing taking. I put all the Scriptures under a title of the day and they were there in a list when I wanted them. One tap and the Scripture was in view. It meant I could concentrate on the activity of the day, not in recalling and finding the verses I needed.

  • Neal Cook says:

    My preacher provides an outline of each of his sermons. I copy the outline (from a PDF version) and paste it into My Notes. That way, I can have it in a convenient digital form and side-by-side with his main sermon text. Since the scripture references in the notes are automatically hyperlinked, I just simply touch the link and have any scripture passage he is referencing pop up in its own window. That is a lot faster than turning pages!

  • Helen says:

    I find the OliveTree application to be an amazing blessing. Thank you for continuing to develop this application. I am interested in the development of the ability to use different fonts/colors/emojis in the notes section. I use this application when I am teaching/preaching. This addition to the notes section would be a great help. Again thank you for the continued improvements to this application!!!

    • Lucinda says:

      I, too, would love more text formatting options. Also, the ability to add a photo. For example, my pastor might show a graphic that I wNt to include. It would be nice if I could take a photo of it, from within the app, and add it to the note. Like Evernote allows you to do.

      • Monty Galloway says:

        Hi Lucinda,

        We’re thinking through how those might work with all of our platforms. No plans yet, but I’ll send to our developers for consideration.

    • Monty Galloway says:

      Thanks Helen! We’re thinking through how those might work with all of our platforms.

  • I’ve been using Bible 6.0 for about two years and have it synced on my computers, tablet and phone. This program is amazing. I’ve inputted so many of my own notes and that has turned this program into an invaluable daily resource. I use it for daily Bible reading using the McCheyne Devotional Reading program which you can download. I also like the inclusion of the ESV. Even though I have a very expensive, high-powered Bible study program with the Greek, Hebrew and all kinds of resources, I find myself using Bible 6.0 daily for devotional reading and prayer. This program is AMAZING!!!

  • Nicolene says:

    Before a sermon starts, I like to read the text from as many resource guides/commentaries as possible to gain more insight (in split window). The notes feature is the following tool I just cannot go without. However, Olive tree is a source of frustration as my preacher does not understand my needs at all and does not provide us with the text beforehand. This App is awesome (my favorite by far) and I’m trying to convince everyone to use it. Thank you sΓ³ much and God bless.

  • Ransford Foster says:

    It was a blessed day when I was introduce to Olive tree bible on my iPad , now i do not leave home without it ,in Bible study i can use split screen to find meaning of words ,to get a better understanding of the text,and explanation of the entire verse we are studying

  • Randall J Carrier says:

    I use your app just about every day. It is an amazing thread of resources. Thank you Olive Tree.

  • Chris Parfoot says:

    You know what would be really awesome is the ability to have both a parallel Bible open as well as the study notes, so multiple split windows.

  • Albert says:


    How do i open hyperlinks in the main window when using Notes to deliver a sermon. Or perhaps set it to open as a pop up without taking over the Notes screen.

  • Larry Howell says:

    How can you move the Bible text to right side of split screen on iPad in horizontal mode? I like to read on the right.

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