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Whether you’re on a phone or tablet, one of the main Bible study features of the Olive Tree Bible App is the split window.

In this blog, we’ll show you three ways you can use the split window for your Android smartphone, tablet, or Kindle Fire.
(Click here for iOS.)

First, to access the three features of the split window, do this:

Now you will see three different features you can access in the split window.

1. The first and most popular is the Resource Guide

The Resource Guide is your personal Bible study assistant. It looks to the main window of the app and pulls in relevant study helps such as people, places, topics, cross references, commentary notes, maps, and more. The more resources you have in your library, the more powerful the Resource Guide will be. Watch this video to see the Resource Guide in action.

2. My Stuff

Selecting ‘My Stuff’ allows you to access your notes, highlights, tags, notifications and more. A personal favorite is having my notes open in the split window next to my Bible text. Whether you’re journaling during your own devotion time or taking notes from the text as your pastor is speaking, having the ability to take notes in the split window is a convenient feature.

3. Library

This is the easiest way to set up a parallel Bible or put your commentary notes next to your text. Simply select a resource from your library and it will be side by side with whatever title you have open in the main window. If it’s an ‘enhanced resource’ like another Bible or study Bible notes, it will stay in sync with the resource in the main window.

If you are a regular user of any of these features in the split window, we’d love to hear what your favorite is. Comment below to share!


  • Terry Brandt says:

    I love using the resource guide in the split window. Ive been slowly buying books, and when you buy items from the store while logged in, it automatically populates the resouce guide section for you. Totally awesome feature. As I slowly keep adding books, my resource guide shows me so many highlights and backgrounds of the peoples and Bible lands that im reading about and makes things clearer as I study. Plus its being taylor made to me and what I want, as I add things. Thank you for the great Bible program.

    • Monty Galloway says:

      Thanks Terry! We’re glad you’re enjoying our app!

      • Mary says:

        I read in Terry’s comment that he is “slowly buying books” which I also am doing but, unsure of which to purchase. Monty, which books do you recommend for an individual who has not been to seminary, has some knowledge of God’s word but wants to go deeper without being confused in using (purchasing) books that were written for seminary scholars only.

        • Monty Galloway says:

          Great question! Depending on the translation of your choice, you could start with one of our study collections that include the basics for a study library: There are different levels of packages depending how deep you want to go into God’s word. Beyond this, I would recommend email our support team at They can take a look at your library and help you choose your next title based on what you want to do.

  • Jon says:

    For parallel Bibles, I prefer to use the Bible section in the Resource Guide, because it’s easier and faster to switch between Bible versions. If you want to spend time in two versions, the Library option is ok, but I like to do quick comparisons, so prefer the Resource Guide. 🙂

    And I agree with the first comment. 🙂

  • Steve Ege says:

    Very happy this resource is available. I’ve been hoping for it to come along for some time. Blessings to you.

  • Mark says:

    I have been using Olive Tree software since the Palm TX pda.
    One very useful feature the older software had was having your search results available in a split window. This allowed you to scroll down through your search results tapping on the ones you were interested in and the verse would come up in the other window. If you had a lot of search results you were able to keep track of where you were instead of starting at the top of the list each time. I would like to see that added back in to the android phone version if possible. Otherwise great software.

  • Dean says:

    Would like to have some form of “tab” to move between multiple passages such as perhaps somewhere in Leviticus and related study in Hebrews and elsewhere, for example during a sermon or study. One possible way would be the split window such as Mark’s request for search results. Then you could move quickly back and forth between several different passages.

  • Dan says:

    So sad. The latest update cannot rotate screen to landscape😣. used to be able to.

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