What is a Bible Dictionary and How do I use it?

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The term Bible Dictionary probably makes you think of a fairly boring and dry reference book.  However, a Bible Dictionary is truly invaluable in helping you unpack God’s word. Unlike a normal word dictionary a good Bible dictionary will not only give you the definition of a word,  person or a place but you can often read a short article, access verse cross references, or see things like images and maps. The insight it gives can help you explore the world of the Bible like never before! Watch this short video to see how they work in The Olive Tree Bible App.

Click HERE to view all dictionaries available for The Olive Tree Bible App.


  • James Lowe. says:

    A useful tool at my fingertips . I m called upon AT to do scripture summaries each week . Example : Rev 15 Summarize ! Your help is appreciated !

  • Gelgelo says:

    Thank you for you release this useful information that can help us to study Bible properly.

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