Prayer Journaling with the Bible App

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Everyone knows that the Olive Tree Bible App is great for reading and studying the Bible. But, did you know that it can help you with other areas of your spiritual life? With the National Day of Prayer approaching, I want to show you how you can transform your Bible App into a tool for journaling and keeping track of your prayers.

What is Journaling?

There are numerous ways to define journaling. In a spiritual sense, journaling involves writing out your thoughts and prayers as you study the Bible. Some people write with pen or pencil in a physical notebook, while others type them out in a journaling app or word processor. Just about anything that falls within those parameters can qualify as journaling.

Now, let me show you how you can start journaling within the Bible Study App because it’s easy!

Praying with the Bible App

Instead of showing you different methods for journaling, I want to show you how to do it in the Bible App.

To begin journaling in the Bible App, you don’t need to do anything more than create a note. If your note is based on a specific passage or verse, it’s best to make a verse or word based note.

To create a note tied to a verse, tap the verse number and select “Note.” Otherwise, if you want it based on a word or phrase, select your text and then tap “Note.”

Alternatively, you can also create a standalone note by opening the Split Window to the “My Notes” screen. At this screen tap the “Add Note” button and begin writing your note.

Organizing Your Notes

If you’re going to regularly pray and journal with the Bible App, keeping your notes organized is important. The easiest way to keep your journal organized is to use categories. I like to start by creating a top level category called “Prayer Journal.” To create this folder have the “My Notes” screen open and tap “Add Category” at the bottom. You can then further refine your categories for greater organization. For example, you can create subcategories for each year. Once the categories are created to your liking, you can then start placing your notes in each category.

Adding Tags

Tags are another great way to organize your prayer journal. As you write in your journal, you can add tags to your notes to help you find them later. You can create your own tags, or you can use the preexisting tags. The nice thing about using the preexisting tags is that they are tied to the Resource Guide. With the Resource Guide integration, your journal notes will appear under your tagged topics in Resource Guide when you are in a relevant Bible passage. This is a great way to keep old notes in front of you, while also using them as a part of your Bible study.

Try It Today

If you’ve been an Olive Tree user for any length of time, I haven’t shown you anything that you didn’t already know how to do. You know how to makes notes within the app. But, I hope I broadened your thinking about how to use notes within the Olive Tree Bible App. If you’re already using the Bible App to take notes, then start adding your prayers as well. If you haven’t made any notes, today is a great day to get started!


  • Sue Nurse says:

    Thank you for the information! I am going to try this to help me in studying the Word!

  • Klieo Virk says:

    Where to get journal app?

    • JG says:

      The notes section of the Bible app is what they are talking about. Click the menu button and scroll down about half way until you see “Notes”.
      Tap and start typing!

      Hope that helps a little.

      • travis says:

        When I am in a book I can highlight a word and then right click to “add a note” but I do not see “notes” from any menu. Can you explain where to find it in a little more detail?

        My menu doesn’t say anything about “notes”

  • Tracey Philippe says:

    Good stuff!

  • Terri Williams says:

    Awesome! I wil start journaling

  • Thank you. I had no idea I was able to do this using your App. This morning has not started so we’ll so I am off to prayer journal now.
    God Bless.

  • Jeanette Salveson says:

    Thank-you! I already make notes while studying. Now I will add prayer notes as wel!

  • Andrew Osakue says:

    This is very enlightening. I have my prayer journal in anther App called pages. Is it possible to pick a prayer from there into your Olive Tree bible App?

  • Joseph baraili says:

    Thank you

  • Thomas Cison says:

    I’ve been trying to use the app as my journal for some time now. I continue to use a paper notebook because I can scan all of my notes much easier. than clicking in and out of them. It would be nice if you could provide a view of all your notes as if they were in a notebook or journal without having to open and close links to see them.

  • Nanxy says:

    How can I get the scripture references in a note to be hyperlinked at all times? I find they sometimes light up as hyperlinks, but usually they don’t.

  • Max says:

    Dear Team, your Bible app is awesome and very easy to handle thanks. I have one big whish since a long time:
    Please, please please add the Export feature, I am looking many times a year for an alternative to Olive Tree only because of the minimalistic neglected notes possibilities. I’m sure you will get applause from many many users, and I’m sure you got that request years ago already. I have no alternative so far, because all the other apps are to complex for me….. So please do the Kingdom of God a favour and add the export all feature. Thank you and bless you for your wonderful work – Max from Switzerland

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