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Anyone who teaches the Bible for any length of time knows how easy it is to lose the forest for the trees. It doesn’t take long before you’re caught up in the details of a verse that you’ve forgotten the bigger picture. But, not all commentaries address this problem.

Most commentaries deal with the biblical text on a verse-by-verse or phrase-by-phrase level, making it easy to get lost in the details. While this information is essential for a proper understanding of a passage, it doesn’t keep the big picture in mind. So, along comes the Reading the New Testament CommentarySeries, a commentary that addresses this problem head-on.

Here’s a brief look at the Reading the New Testament Commentary Series and how it works in the Olive Tree Bible App.


I appreciate when a commentary is upfront about its intended audience because it lets me know what to expect. Christians with some level of formal training will find Reading the New Testament Commentary to be right in their wheelhouse. This means it’s the perfect commentary for both pastors and seminary students.

A focus on larger passages of Scripture sets this commentary apart from others, helping the reader understand the text as a whole. Additionally, it captures the big picture without getting caught in the details. Pastors preaching through the New Testament will find this resource incredibly helpful.

Alongside insightful commentary, Reading the New Testament Commentary also includes extensive introductions to each New Testament book. Here you will find everything you need to know about the book’s author and purpose for writing.


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