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Last week, we highlighted a new feature: enhanced devotionals! This lets you use select devotionals as reading plans in the app (for iOS currently).

But, we toss around that word “enhanced” a lot, and thought we should clarify. Have you heard us talk about our enhanced sermons? We have those! But it means something different than it does with devotionals.

Inside sermons, there are scripture references (at least… we hope there would be scripture references!). When we receive an eBook version of a sermon from a publisher, it contains normal text. When we want to enhance a sermon, our lovely formatting team finds the scripture references and adds hyperlinks! This will allow you to tap on the reference and open a pop-up window, reading the verse without leaving your eBook.

This feature also works the other way around! While you’re reading the Bible, open the Resource Guide and look under “Sermons”. If any of your enhanced sermons reference the passage of scripture, it will appear here!

What does this look like? Here’s some screenshots from my iPad!






Recently, we enhanced more popular sermons! Here are some titles that we are really excited about:

  1. Men and Women of the Old Testament
  2. Able to the Uttermost
  3. London, 1933-35
  4. The Young Bonhoeffer: 1918-1927
  5. Berlin, 1932-33
  6. Theological Education at Finkenwalde: 1935-1937
  7. J.B. Chapman Writings

Want to see them all? Head on over to our website to view all of the sermons in our store. We’ve even got some discounts happening!


  • James Farrah says:

    Is there a way to create a reading plan from saved passages?

    I created a saved passages category and would like to scroll through those passages without having to go back and forth between the category and selected scriptures.

    Ideally I would like to chose the category I created and then scroll or flip through the various passages in that category.

    For example, I create the category “Promises” and assign the following verses: ps 23:6, rom 8:32, ps 84:11, jn 15:16, phil 1:6.
    I would then like a way I can flip or scroll through these verses.

    • Cierra Klatt says:

      James, that’s a great idea! At this time, we don’t have the functionality for users to create their own reading plans. But we’ll keep this in mind, since we are always looking for ways to improve!

  • howard diehl says:

    I can’t seem to find the sermon feature on the PC version of the app. any help?

    • howard diehl says:

      Nor on my android device either

    • Cierra Klatt says:

      Hey, Howard! Here’s a couple more tips. First, make sure you do own a sermon title! You can see these by going to your library and looking by categories. Second, make sure that you have the sermon tab enabled in the Resource Guide. If you have any other difficulties or questions, please email! They will be able to assist you.

  • Ruben says:

    Greetings! Is there a way to create an actual sermon within the app? For example, instead of having my message/sermon notes on another doc to reference side by side with the Bible app, the notes would be on the Bible app itself. (Not as individual notes, but ongoing to match with a chapter.)

    • Cierra Klatt says:

      Hey, Ruben! I’m not completely sure what you are looking for, but here is my suggestion! If you go into the main menu and access the notes feature, you can create new categories and notes there. I would make a category for sermons, and individual notes inside of that. When you put a reference in your notes, it will hyperlink you to the passage! You can also create a note by selecting a part of scripture, and selecting “note”. If you visit our YouTube page, we have several help videos!

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