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Welcome to the Olive Tree Blog!

Olive Tree Bible Software is the brainchild of creator and President Drew Haninger. We started out in the dim light of Drew’s basement with a few people, a couple cats, and a lot of big ideas. Today we have two top apps in the iTunes AppStore, and we’re constantly improving ‘The Bible Study App’ for your smartphone, tablet and computer. (We also have a real office and no longer have to share space with any furry friends.) Learn more about Olive Tree Bible Software here: A Short History of Olive Tree.

This is the company blog for Olive Tree, where we write about Christian living, technology, and Bible study. Sometimes we get off topic, but mostly we discuss issues that explore how our Christian faith influences how we live. We welcome your input and hope that you will be inspired, encouraged and/or entertained by our posts.

We try to post to the blog 3-5 times a week. You can subscribe to our blog here. Follow us on the Blog, Facebook and Twitter to catch news from Olive Tree, including special deals on resources we offer.



Olive Tree Bible Software, Inc.
PO Box 48271
Spokane WA 99228

email:   support@olivetree.com

web address:  OliveTree.com

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