Guidelines for Commenting on the Olive Tree Blog

We love to hear from our users and want the Olive Tree Blog to be a place where people are free to share their thoughts about the topics we post. With that in mind, please read this list of guidelines to make sure the Olive Tree Blog is a place where we each act with tact and grace, honoring the Lord in all we do and say.

1. Be respectful of others.

Lively discussion is encouraged on The Olive Tree blog. When disagreeing with someone, be respectful of their opinions and avoid attacks of a personal nature. Any personal attacks toward another person will result in the content being deleted and the user being banned from this blog.

2. Be honest.

Our desire is to create an open and honest conversation with all readers and contributors to our blog. Posting anything (by contributors or commenters) that could be seen as dishonest or untrue is highly discouraged and could result in being banned from the blog.

3. Stay on topic.

Comments that are not directly related to the content posted will be deleted. This includes any comments that could be considered spam, engage in promotion of outside products and services, or any self-promotion. Please direct technical support questions to and refrain from asking support questions in blog comments.

4. No inappropriate language.

We want everyone to feel welcomed and respected on the Olive Tree blog, so offensive comments or language will be deleted and result in that user being banned from the blog.

5. Comments will be reviewed.

Olive Tree reserves the right to review and delete a comment if it does not adhere to this code of conduct.

6. All posts and comments are subject to Olive Tree’s privacy policy.

Any content posted to the Olive Tree blog is also subject to the terms stated in the company privacy policy.

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